Well, today is our nation’s birthday. Actually, this country’s origin, a triumph that shook the globe, was a result of a succession of events. Even so, although saying that we became a nation on this date, as we think back to 1776, is simply a formality, I’ll bid everyone a happy Fourth!

Anyways, our country has survived so much. Yet, even if much has changed, many problems have lingered.

I think the most frustrating thing, at least for me, and it’s the reason why I don’t pay attention to the news, happens to be our biased media networks. But the problem has always been present- even in colonial times. The cradle of the Revolution, which would be Boston, had papers sympathetic to both Whigs and Tories; if publications tried to be moderate, they usually failed or reluctantly chose a side.

A media battle between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who both had accredited writers on their side, was the chief reason why Adams only served one term. His backing of the alien and sedition act angered many of his constituents- mainly because many of Adam’s backers were immigrants. Immigrants were to be deported if they uttered false derogatory comments about the president, or the federal government – true story! There’s more to the alien and sedition acts, but one motivator was the desire to silence unwarranted criticism.

So now, with all sorts of political media maneuvering, from comedy shows to flat out biased news formats, much of the same continues. Believe it or not, based on books written by Ivy League professors, during the turn of the 18th century, the melee was worse. I know, what could be worse than the constant battle between today’s Democratic and Republican party?

But back then, American’s true source of info was a newspaper. No wonder why so many people moved westward. The freedom from confusing political turmoil, situated on a quiet plot of land, must have been inviting for those with ambitions of true freedom.

So, with that said, I’ll bid everyone a happy Fourth. Enjoy the fireworks, and rest assured that our star spangled banner will persist after the show.

Safe Travels!


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