I have to start blogging about more places.  Lately, my posts, like this particular entry, have simply been fillers.  I don’t mind writing such posts; yet, when I visit some spot, it allows me to be informative, artistic and entertaining…and I love that; it actually makes me feel good.

I couldn’t tell you why, mainly because I haven’t put much thought towards it, but my blogs about tourist draws always feel rewarding.  It probably has something to do with grade school, or something close to that.  I just like thinking that I put a smile on someone’s face, and, maybe, I inspired someone to go out and have fun. 

It’s kind of my reason for trying to be a published author.  And since I really have no direction with today’s post, I’ll get into that. 

I’ll start off by saying this:  I’m not much of a collector, but I have purchased a first edition book that is no longer being published.  It was a bit pricey, being a paperback that sold for $35.  And it’s not in great condition. 

However, that book, and I still remember reading parts of that novella, was my reason for wanting to write.  The name of the author was Robert Arthur, and I fancied sending him a letter to tell him that I loved his book.  Little did I know, Robert Arthur died four years before my birth.

The book was the first in a series; there were about thirty in total.  My goal was to read them all.  I read plenty, however, I outgrew them before I could reach my self imposed challenge.

I did enjoy those stories, especially the first book, ‘Terror Castle’ , which I must have read three times.  Those books, especially the first, were heavily influenced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.  As a matter of fact, Hound of the Baskervilles and Terror Castle share much of the same plot.  And one of the characters, a boy known as Jupiter Jones, is reminiscent of Doyle’s super slueth protagonist.

Not much later, after Arthur’s book became a best seller, Scooby-Doo, which, by the way, every episode happens to rip off Hounds of the Baskervilles, became really popular. 

Anyways,  Terror Castle was a thrilling adventure, and, after my third read through, I fancied writing my own book. Granted, my grammar probably stunk, my penmanship was atrocious, and although I won a class spelling bee, my spelling needed work.

Now, I have written quality books, ones I think kids would read. I hope, and I sincerely pray, to be published. My dream is to be Robert Arthur, and influence little Chris Karases.

Safe Travels!


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