Today, although I had woke early, I got off to a late start.  I think, as a matter of fact I know, that the lag is due to a a change in schedule.  After a stretch of days, I’m accustomed to two days off. Now, that schedule is no longer – and I already miss it.

I’m also tired because I attempted running 5k, which my usual distance, but my pace was too fast.  Not to mention, my allergies were acting up.  So, when I finished, I was gasping for air – and I fell short of my distance goal.

Work was tough, mainly because we were short staffed. However, the crew we had, which amounted to a total of four people, plus one supervisor, unloaded the truck; it was done by lunchtime. If you’re wondering, our normal goal is to finish before we go to lunch.

Anyways, I’ll keep this short.

Safe Travels!

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