So, another work week is coming to a close. Actually, you probably don’t care. I don’t blame you, and I’m not offended if you think my subject matter is boring. I say, “Yeah, you’re absolutely right, try living it.” I need some excitement.

So, come this August, late August that is, we’re headed to the Apostle Islands. It’s a national lakeshore in northwestern Wisconsin. It’s actually the closest thing , and it’s certainly true, that Wisconsin has when it comes to a national park.

I admit, I know very little about this place, save for what I’ve read in blogs, apps and government sites. I think some of these islands, as they’re a large collection on Lake Superior, boast sandstone cliffs. I also counted at least four islands, via a map, with lighthouses.

And if that wasn’t enough, I did a little research, using a trusty app, and discovered a cool sounding MTB park.

If you include kayaking, camping and a ton of sightseeing, plus whatever the nearby towns have to offer, it should be a fun vacation.

Sorry, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write today; I just got caught up with other things. Anyways, your probably thankful I didn’t prolong this mundane post. With that said, I can’t wait for August!

Safe Travels!


    1. Thanks Betty, I agree. By the way, I read one of your Pentwater posts. It was great, and the place sounds super-cool. Kayaking, history cruises and beach going are up my alley. Thanks for the suggestion and an excellent piece of writing.

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      1. Chris, I can just see you and Heidi coming across the ferry and spending a few days in Pentwater. As an fyi, the state park has a campground and even has a stationary popup to rent. It is P1 on the campground map. We stay in the campground, but my family stays at Channel Lane Inn. I stayed there many times, too – before we had our travel trailer. There are kitchenettes in the rooms there. I love Pentwater. There is lots to do there as well as the surrounding area. We will be there two weeks starting tomorrow. If you ever have any questions about it, I am happy to answer if I can. I know the Visitor Center there has a publication about Michigan Craft Breweries. Enjoy your Friday!

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