Today, I’m lacking sleep.  So, this should be a short post- that is to ensure a discernible piece.  I don’t want to get carried away with fancy prose; I think it would just come off as confusing.

Anyways, Thursday was pretty cool.  I went kayaking and biking on that day.  Both activities were long distance, taking over an hour and forty minutes a piece.  But I performed them at a rather leisurely pace. Either way, that’s three hours and twenty minutes of physical activity. Next time, which should be tomorrow, I’ll actually concentrate on a respectable time.

So, the bike ride, which was 13 miles, should take just over an hour and a half. And the kayak adventure, which is a five mile voyage, as I’m hoping for a 18 minute mile pace, should be the same time.

If I feel ambitious, and I hope I do, I will try a five kilometer trail run. I haven’t ran since Tuesday, and that was only a two mile run. I need to get focused and perform all three events. And this time, I will simply do more than go the distance. I hope for a solid attempt at a competitive time.

An event known as the Wolfman triathlon, aptly named for the Wolf River, is taking place this September, and I hope to participate. That’s the reason for all of my rigorous activity. Anyways, here’s to tomorrow!

Safe Travels!


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