When I posted on friday, I had claimed I was going to engage in a lot of physical activity. That didn’t happen. I simply ran five kilometers…it ended there. I just didn’t have enough time.

So, I did some vehicle hunting. With gas prices skyrocketing, I had decided an EUV would be a wise decision. We’ll see what happens.

Anyways, Saturday was a decent day despite me falling short of my goal. I even went for a hike; it was in Green Bay’s closest state park. Well, at least it’s my favorite park in the area.

The hikes, as you delve into its borders, are very cool. In yesterday’s post, which featured my hike, I didn’t even mention one of the coolest points. Mainly, I think I left it off, those being effigy mounds, because getting an accurate photo is very difficult. Someone may capture it well, but it wouldn’t be me.

Anyways, after the hike, we finished up with an excellent end to the evening.

Titletown Brewing Company had a band on its rooftop bar. This group of musicians was fun to watch. They played recognizable covers, yet the tunes weren’t flat out copies of the original songs. The melodies were actually artistic renditions that I could appreciate. Plus, the band members were first rate players.

So, now that I’ve dried up my subject well, tomorrow, I’ll find someplace to blog about. I hope you find it interesting.

Safe Travels.

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