I’ll make this post short. Basically, I just want to get something written, seeing how, and I’m speaking of yesterday, I wasn’t in any condition to write. So, I’ll get my daily post in later than usual.

“Why weren’t you in any condition to write yesterday?” You may ask. I’ll answer that with the horrible ‘C’ word. Whoa! Not that word! Concussion is the word I was thinking of.

It occurred while I was mountain biking. I have to learn to maintain focus while riding. Many times, and it’s amazing how it works, after a difficult or hazardous portion of the trail, my mind relaxes; that’s when I fall.

And usually, after the fall, I’m cursing myself, wondering, ‘How the hell did I let that happen.’

Yesterday was a prime example of that. I was congratulating myself after a steep, and pretty tricky, descent. I was particularly proud of the speed I had amassed; I practically flew down the hill. So much so, and I’m not embellishing, that I slung up the steep grade immediately after that – okay, I had to pedal once or twice, but it was like pedaling down hill.

So I turned the corner, that being after the climb, and approached a sharp angled turn. I know this turn well, and I knew that I had two choices. I could cut over sooner, taking an angled approach, and rejoin the trail after taking the higher, smooth stretch of forest floor. Or, if I felt like a challenge, I could drive through the sandy and rooty rut in the earth, which happened to be the actual trail.

I was indecisive for too long. I started down the rut, when, for whatever reason, I decided that the easier route would be best. I tried to make a sharp turn, trying to climb the bank. Instead of succeeding, my bike tire caught a rather large collection of sand, and my bike was swept from beneath me; I landed hard on my side – particularly on my head.

Yes, I was wearing a helmet. Had I not been, I would have probably been knocked unconscious, or worse.

Anyways, I cursed myself, picked up my bike and finished the trail. It wasn’t until after my run, besides my pounding skull, that I realized that I had suffered a brain injury. The symptoms were obvious; forgetfulness, lack of focus and nausea plagued me on my drive home.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was tempted to write yesterday. However, I was told to let my brain rest. I would have been curious to see how that turned out.

Anyways, I’m feeling much better tonight. And no, I didn’t ride today. I’ll probably hit the trails tomorrow morning, when I feel like tackling them again – and giving them my FULL ATTENTION!

Well, with that said, this may be the latest I’ve published a post. This is weird! I Hope your night goes well!

Safe Travels!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. We don’t ride mountain bike trails. Too scary for me. I am glad you are going to be more careful, and I’m really glad you were wearing a helmet.

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