Tomorrow, I’ll find myself doing something, and I totally mean this, I’d never thought I’d do – at least voluntarily. As I’ve aged, my perceptions have changed, and things that seemed horribly outdated, and there are many on the list, now seem uplifting and liberating. Sound crazy? I guess our tastes shift with time.

If you would have had a conversation with twelve-year-old me, you would have never guessed, and I really mean never have guessed, that one day I’d be psyched to dance at a polka fest.

Let me explain. While growing up, and during the Packer off season, I knew that my visit to my grandparent’s place, that being after church service, would not include television watching. That was okay, there were tons of things to do at grandma’s.

But the reason why I couldn’t watch TV, being that I’m talking about the ’80s, and one television per household was common, happened to be due to a polka hour. Local dance competitions were held, and one of the local stations televised it.

I thought polka music was old fashioned garbage. I mean, c’mon, the featured instrument in a polka song is an ACCORDION. When I set an electric guitar next to an accordion….well, never mind, I just wasn’t digging the style.

Then, I think a year back, we went to the Brewery District in Milwaukee. The microbrewery on the grounds, which was a fashionable spot, had a live polka band. I never realized that many polka songs required audience participation…it was a lot of fun.

The music was upbeat, and being German and Polish, its part of my heritage. So, tomorrow, I’ll polka till my calves get sore.

Anyways, those are my plans. I hope whatever you’re up to is a stellar endeavor!

Safe Travels!

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