Well, as you could tell by yesterday’s post, which was a rather formal bit, my aspirations, at least for that particular day, were not realized.  It was hot, the event was quite expensive and we decided to hit a beach instead.  So. ..I didn’t polka – there’s always Octoberfest.

When we arrived, I’m referring to the beach, which happened to border Lake Michigan, it was mid-afternoon.  Immediately, as we stepped from the car, I could feel the cool breeze coming off the lake.  Considering the temps, it was definitely an excellent choice.

So, we basked in the sun, tossed the frisbee and waded in the icy (and I do mean ICY) lake water. It was fun.

Later on, we headed to Manitowoc. There, we grabbed a couple of beers and a pizza. We talked, enjoyed our view of the river and warily looked towards the west – whose angry clouds threatened havoc.

In an attempt to outrun the weather, we cut the night short. Yet, it was of no use, before we hit Green Bay, we were caught in a dangerous thunderstorm. I thought the gusts were going to flip our SUV. With the rain pelting down, winds rocking the car and dark skies surrounding us, I simply couldn’t drive in that torrential mess. So, we hit a ret area.

When we finally made it home, we settled in and watched a baseball game. The night ended shortly after. I know, this post is a bit bland. And guess what, I’m writing about my most eventful day for quite some time! Anyways…

Safe Travels!

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