Today, as I look forward to tomorrow, I’m simply enjoying the day. My MTB ride went well, the sun is out and, for some darn reason, I feel refreshed. Okay, physically, I’m a bit tired, but my spirits are actually high.

I remember a Kurt Cobain line, which he sang in the hit song In Bloom. “Weather changes moods” were the lyrics. That’s so true, at least I think it is. And I think today is a prime example of that. The sun is shining, and the temps, despite a full blast of solar radiation, are in the mid seventies. I really couldn’t ask for better.

Besides that, my workload is manageable. That always helps the mood too. Less stress and less clutter equals more clarity and a stronger sense of self.

I hope the week remains like this. I wish I could write more, yet my dull life doesn’t allow for that.

Safe Travels!

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