And now, I’ll dazzle you….well, actually, I have nothing to write about. Everything, as I think about my life, is as it’s ever been. That is to say, my recent routine hasn’t been altered in the least.

But if I have to mention my life, it’s the end of my four day work stretch; that run seemed short. Basically, that’s a good thing, because I can use tomorrow, as I’d been hoping, for more than recuperation. That means some outdoor sports.

I’ve got lofty aspirations; I doubt I’ll actually realize my goals. I’m not even going to mention it. Not because I don’t want you to know my plans, but because I don’t want to have to admit failure.

Anyways, my one day on, one day off stint is awkward. Although, and this is in the early going, I feel constantly refreshed….I’m waiting for it to become a grind. So far it hasn’t, and with a mini vacation at the end of August, I should stay refreshed for a while.

I know this seems, and I feel the same way, far too early to mention Christmas, but in the retail world, it’s lurking around the corner. As you well know, that is a retail worker’s dreaded season. But, sometimes, it can be fun. The challenge is dealing with the fast paced environment.

Anyways, instead of looking too far into the future, I’ll just enjoy the rest of summer.

Safe Travels!

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