Hi, okay, today I won’t write about myself. Instead, I’m going to ruminate about a friend. Sometimes, their dilemmas certainly trump my own.

This particular problem, which for the sake of all parties, I’ll illustrate vaguely, is a very tough one. I can’t say I have the answer to this quandry. It has to do with thinking of oneself, or possibly sacrificing a career for the sake of an at risk individual. And as much I care about my friend, and don’t want them in trouble, I also understand their concern for this at risk human.

I guess it’s the struggle of being a professional. If you know what’s right, as hard as it is, you might have to throw your fears aside. If I were in my friend’s shoes, I’d be burdened with stress. I hope she does what’s right in God’s eyes, and I know sometimes that’s tough.

I wish I could explain more, but legally, and for good reason, I truly won’t and can’t. Well, I guess I’ll head to work, where my own problems register as miniscule.

Have An EXCELLENT day, and Safe Travels!

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