The NEW Zoo-a great family experience

The NEW Zoo in Suamico, Wisconsin offers a unique, small town, experience full of education and entertainment.  With about 90 animal species from around the world, it showcases those Zoo favorites that would delight a child or, as it is in my case, the wildlife loving adult.

I really am no good at taking pictures of animals, but  I’m visiting a zoo so I’m left with no choice.  After all, the creatures going about their daily lives, behind barriers, are the star attraction.  The NEW Zoo may not boast a grand scale menagerie like the Milwaukee Zoo, yet, for its size, offers a variety of exotic creatures.

Animals like the African lion, giraffes, Japanese Macaques and peacocks are guaranteed to win the heart of a child.  The family atmosphere is quite prevalent in the setting too.  Included on the grounds is a petting zoo for children, complete with pellets to feed the goats.

I walk into the entrance building, which also doubles as a gift shop.  Paying my nine bucks, I move on and stumble upon the African lions.  As I should have anticipated, with the weather simmering in the mid eighties, they aren’t stirring much  A cock of the head from the male, as he lies in the shade, is the best action shot I’ll get from this big cat.

Many animals are relishing the shade.  But others, like the otter and penguins are indulging in  the cooler temps of the water.  Peacocks roam about on the grounds and are always with in range of a camera shot.

There’s more, aviary cages and prairie dog hills offer an up close view of some other wildlife.  I come across the Mayan café which is a restaurant on the grounds, offering grab and go Items as well.  Carry-ins, of course, are not permitted.  However, if your interested in packing a lunch, there are picnic tables near the grounds.  Remember to bring a garbage bag, as there are no trash receptacles outside the zoo .

The best part of the day is enjoying the grandeur of an animal such as the bison or the elongated neck of a giraffe.  The place is not enormous, so worries of missing your favorite creature are non existent.  Everything is with in a few minute stroll.

The Zoo also offers events such as there ever popular ‘Zoo Boo’ in late October.  That maybe their most popular, but there is more.

Also, nearby lies the Adventure Park which offers a Zip line, a ropes challenge course, a climbing wall and quick jump for $25, its $22 with a zoo pass.  I didn’t try this, as it was beyond my budget this time around.  Other, smaller packages are available for those who choose to only participate in just one activity.  For the full experience, the total time is two hours or a little more, from gear up to gear down.

If you crave more, there is a mini-golf course nearby as well.  The Zoo and Adventure Park are part of the Reforestation Camp, which is in a rural area so traffic and the like are practically not a problem.

during summer 9am to 8pm

Children over 3 $6

16 and over $9

seniors $6 

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