The Main Street Bourbon Room

Downtown Green Bay sports a ton of bars and restaurants. Todays blog topic, known as the Main Street Bourbon Room, is one of those excellent spots. I’ve passed by this particular joint many times, as I routinely make trips towards the center of Title Town. Yet, and this is not a knock on the Bourbon Room, I had never set foot in this place.

What I found was traditional class, bolstered by an extensive drink list and a rather limited menu. The establishment’s drink list, to my utter delight, included craft beers and a ton of mixed drinks. Their menu featured a few appetizers, several sandwiches, fish plates and a few choices of steak. While the drink prices were fairly reasonable, being that I spent five dollars on a novel pint of beer, the food tallies were a bit beyond my range.

The service seemed a bit slow, as I only wanted to sip on a beer while watching the Brewers game. However, the bartender told me an interesting story related to my beer. And after the story was told, and the marginal beverage was consumed, I was allowed to keep my glass. Usually, when purchasing a souvenir pint glass, it costs five dollars for the novelty. I had a beer, which, alone, in some establishments, is worth more than five dollars, and I was able to keep the glass! That’s pretty cool!

I really can’t comment on the food. It was restaurant week, so they were serving specials. And seeing how I was alone, I really couldn’t justify spending twenty two dollars on a meal. I mean, the atmosphere is pretty cool, just below the cusp of formal, but, considering that I was sporting a rock t-shirt and shorts, I felt a little out of place. Plus, it’s no fun eating a great meal, while dining in a classy joint, all alone. So, next time, maybe, I’ll bring Heidi..

I guess if you’re looking for a night out, one set in a traditionally classy spot, try the Main Street Bourbon Room. If you’re not a regular, it might be cool to mix up you’re current dining fav with something fresh.

Safe Travels!

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