Beyond Van Gogh, which is an immersive exhibit showing at the Wisconsin Center, is definitely worth the drive towards Milwaukee, WI. One can learn about the artist’s mindset, especially the inspirations and settings that spurred some of his greatest works. Not only that, gigantic, captivating projections encompass onlookers, as the audience gains a greater appreciation of an iconic painter’s renderings.

After gaining entrance to the exhibit, I serpentine around rows of screens that set the tone for the showcase. These words, with seemingly textured backgrounds, serve as insight – gaining knowledge of the tormented mind responsible for the upcoming features. Many of these paragraphs are Van Gogh’s own words: written to his art dealing brother.

After that, I make my way to, what is described by the exhibiters as, the waterfall. Here, on a wall, spellbinding images cascade downward, inciting a mesmerized audience.

But the truly awesome spectacle resides in the next room. Here, with images projected on three towers, four ginormous walls and a dancing floor, many art lovers’ wildest dreams come true-they have actually jumped inside the canvas. Accompanying the images, symphonic tones embellish this other worldly experience. Entrants to this room have been swallowed up by a fictional realm that both loosely and exquisitely details Van Gogh’s perspective.

From his Starry Night to his self portraits, Van Gogh’s images shift, swirl, shimmer and dance, creating an illusion I desperately wish to be reality.

When all is finished, a deeper appreciation of Van Gogh’s work, over the course of the past hour, has been permanently instilled in my mind. And I understand why so many revere his creations.

Safe Travels!


    1. And I know I’m replying a second time, but I wasn’t responsible for the photos. I took some, but they didn’t turn out very well…thank god for Heidi, my supportive girlfriend. Just wanted to make sure she got props in the comments.

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