Experiencing a Brewery Amongst a Hay Field

Have you ever returned from an establishment and then asked yourself, “Was I dreaming?” That day’s haunt may have been so out of the ordinary, and veered from what you accept as normal, that you questioned its very existence-even if you had physically been there to experience it. That pretty much sums up my visit to the Thumb Knuckle Brewing Co.

Thumb Knuckle Brewing Company does not reside in a populous area. Heck, it’s set in the middle of farmland. The nearest town is Luxemburg, WI, which, being that the town of 2,500 people is three miles away, doesn’t seem large enough to support a microbrewery. I say this with the knowledge that, besides Sunday auto races, there aren’t a lot of reasons to visit Luxemburg.

Yet, Thumb Knuckle exists. And when I pulled into the gravel parking lot, bordered by a hayfield, I was left guessing if I had the right place. The exterior looks like a remnant from the eighties, possibly a supper club or weekend hangout. It’s just not your typical Brewery exterior. And along with the facade, their bar sign offers that neighborhood tavern feel.

When I entered, the interior quelled my anxiousness. Inside, you can see that these owners intend on making an attractive microbrewery tap room. It’s fitted with all the traditional Microbrewery decor. That rustic/industrial vibe successfully transferred into my being.

Yet, and this is a very serious gripe. When I asked for a beer list, I found about ten different brews listed, with a couple of alterations made with pencil and ink on a printed menu. I was delighted to find an amber. But, when I received my beer, the color was too light and the taste registered similarly- not that full bodied sweet malty concoction I was expecting. Never the less, the beer was good, and I didn’t feel as if the five dollar a pint fee was wasted. I should also mention that they advertise food trucks on select nights.

In the end, my conclusion is this; If you’re looking for a place that screams local hangout, set in the fields of Kewaunee County’s border, this would be it. The inside is attractive, although the exterior makes one scratch their head. It was so unique, and I guess novel places are what I search for, that I might bring Heidi one day.

Safe Travels!

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