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The Milwaukee Brewing Company

The Milwaukee Brewing Company, which lies at the feet of one of the oldest breweries in America,  is a trendy craft beer making establishment.  When you surmise the antiquated structures of the Pabst Brewery, a brew factory that produced its first beer in 1844, and then compare it to its hip counterpart, which happens to be today’s subject, you instantly appreciate the importance of beer in Milwaukee.

Just traipsing around the Brewery District, which serves as the grounds for these barley and hops fermenters,  allows a bit of beer history to entertain your being.  You could enjoy the Pabst beer gardens,

meander past the bottling plant (remember the scene in the opening of Laverne and Shirley?)

Or take in the magnificence of…the…actually, I’m not really sure what this building is, but it’s pretty cool looking.

All that aside, the Milwakee Brewing Company’s structure seems to clash with its historic  counterparts, yet, in the very same glance,  seems to fit as a fashionable oasis among Victorian vestiges.

The Brewery has a large space for events…shoot! I couldn’t find a photo, but it’s pretty awesome.

a spacious patio for fun gatherings,

and a cool taproom, with the brewing apparatus on a tier above, where you can enjoy a Louie’s Demise or a MKE IPA or maybe an Outboard. 

So, with the Brewry District being a short stroll from the Deer District, or, as I feel it’s worth a mention, Old World Third Street, you can make this part of your Brew Town visit.

Safe Travels!

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