Ned Kelly’s Pub

Do you know why I like craft beers, and the fact that they’re so popular?  Because they offer so many twists, fun subtle variations, to staples in the brewing industry.  And a place like Ned Kelly’s Pub, which offers 100 flavors, all poured straight from a tap, showcases that delightful fact quite well.

Ned Kelley’s is located in the heart of Green Bay’s downtown, situated amongst other drinking spots on Washington Street.

When I sit down at the bar, staring at an antiquated brick shell, with all 100 taps serried along the wall, I sense the gritty 19th century laborer, hunkered over the bar, the flicker of a kerosene lantern’s flame tickling his course stubble.  I know, that’s a severely romantic dramatization.

Yet, when you stroll into this establishment, as old world abruptly meets modern, you get a comfortable feel, at least I do.

Besides the barroom, there’s tavern games to be tried.

Those barroom classics are spread in enough space to provide an audience.   I picture a lively gathering, rowdy patrons packed into this room, when this stage is occupied.

And, as a little side note, I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for keg styled urinals.

Of course, you can find your typical Wisconsin tavern favorites.

I had mentioned the 100 taps.  Here, to allow you to navigate them easily, is a digital tablet styled menu board. 

You simply tap on  the type of beer you’re interested in, or, if you prefer, your favorite brewery, and you’ll find detailed descriptions of each beverage.

And one added touch, a simply fun atmosphere amenity, would be this glass paneled garage door. 

When the weather is warmer, it let’s the downtown vibe, particularly the Washington Street clamor, carry into the bar.

So, with that being said, my choice was a darker beer, one aged in a bourbon barrel, its flavorful maltiness, touched with spicy peppers, came to around six dollars. Granted my glass was much smaller than a pint, but the ABV was higher than most brews. Of course, if you don’t want to go the craft beer route, imports and domestics are also available. Plus, if you don’t care for beer from a tap, bottled and canned beverages also await the thirsty customer.

Now that I’ve given you a taste, a slightly rambling post on Ned Kelly’s Pub, I hope you visit this downtown bar. If you’re into trying unique ales, I think your tastebuds will thank you.

Safe Travels!

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    • That’s an excellent question. I guess, at least for me, it’s all about the type of beer you love most. And a few return visits, to try another. I forgot to include that this particular place, being a decent establishment, allows one to sample before ordering a beer. Thanks 😊 for the comment!

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