Sipping a Brew at Zambaldi Beer

Set on Webster Avenue, which is a rather busy Green Bay street, you’ll find a fresh microbrewery. What’s great about the place, it’s owned by three people, two of which are husband and wife. So, if you want to drink beer at a mom and pop business, where the brews are pretty damn well crafted, you might like Zambaldi Beer.

Zambaldi Beer opened its doors just before the pandemic. After that, due to excellent business ethics, it has begun to thrive. So, being that I am a microbrewery enthusiast, I stopped by for pint of ale…

My beer drinking experience…

It’s an overcast evening in the land of green and gold. The murky sky dares one to liven the night. My choice, as I fight the ominous sky, and being a bit lonely, choosing to visit by myself, has the air of good hearted companionship.

Zambaldi Beer is part of a revitalization project. It’s an attempt to remodel a rather well known Titletown ave. And as I stroll into this drinking establishment, I can’t help a bit of middle school boy enthusiasm wanting to escape.

I mean the bar is truly cool,

and the taproom is stylish.

The beers are pretty choice also.

My personal selection, which has a great story behind its name, is the Meatball Man Amber. The name comes from a vendor in a German Brewhaus. There, a man selling meatballs spurred the imaginations of Zambaldi’s owners.

Other beers, such as Good Dog Porter, Porter being the owner’s canine, have personal touches as well.

All told, Zambaldi offers fifteen alcoholic concoctions- at least that’s what I counted. With that in mind, if they’re anywhere close to the Meatball Man Amber’s quality, you’ll enjoy them thoroughly. And given the owner’s experience in the craft brewing industry, they definitely will be.

If you’re wondering, Zambaldi doesn’t have a kitchen. Yet, you can have eats delivered, and food trucks stop by often.

When I’m done, leaving an empty glass behind, as I’ve visited this spot on many occasions, I’m as satisfied as ever. Zambaldi Beer continues to step up its game, and it’s evident in atmosphere, service and, most obviously, brew selections.

Safe Travels!

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