Five Art Exhibits Worth Remembering

I guess that, as I age, I am changing. I had always fancied myself, and I really don’t know why, but I had always thought that going to an art museum, and intelligently interpreting a piece, would be a distinct sign of my cultured side. To tell the truth, I really didn’t have an iota of refinement.

So, I never went to galleries, or museums, as a child, mainly for fear of being bored out of my skull. Now, I visit museums often, and, for some reason, I find them enlightening- especially if they’re driven by political, social or moral reasons…and I’m not just saying that to sound like a sophisticated individual; the messages actually stick with me.

So, today, as I cozy up in my home, sheltering myself from the cold, I’ll recount my five favorite art exhibits of 2022.

High School Art

First, as I look back, it’s refreshing to see this world, especially when the same political movements are continuously forced upon me, with a fresh set of eyes. That can be accomplished by viewing a teenager’s artistic creations. Their own perceptions, convictions and beliefs are still being molded, and to witness these minds, which are high school students, interpreting this confusing world, it provides interesting insight.

I’ve forgotten the title of this Exhibition, as it is no longer at the Neville Public Museum. However, this showcase, which is part of a national competition, will return next spring- full of brand new perspectives and creativity.

A CP Exhibition

Next up, as I survey my own thoughts, art that dazzles is easy to recognize. But what if it’s a triumph over the unforgiving natural happenings on this earth? Diseases like cerebral palsy precipitate challenges I can’t understand. Yet, many of those suffering from the illness fight back! The pieces I discovered earlier this year, being a summer exhibit at the Art Garage, highlighted perseverance. And though this exhibit is no longer at the Green Bay gallery, I bet it returns next year.

European Art at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Another fun exhibit, and this one is a permanent showcase, would be the Milwaukee Art Museum’s classical European collection. Of course, many Christian pieces lie in these halls. On top of that, you’ll see artistry, talents that produced brilliant pieces, pushing the envelope for yesteryear’s standards.

Pour it On

Next up, I’ll hit upon a fun, and very inexpensive, exhibit. It’s currently at the Art Garage, remaining until October29th. It’s titled ‘Pour it On’, and the artist does just that. There’s over one-hundred pieces, all created by the same artist, at the Green Bay gallery. Heck, they’re so inexpensive, I bought a piece.

Reclaiming Identity

And finally, and I’ve featured this place many times, I found an excellent exhibit at the Trout Museum of Art. It’s definitely a political and social statement. Reclaiming Identity empowers indigenous peoples in a dignified manner- through their own artistic expression. Here, they strip the white man’s labels, such as Indian, or Native American, and these proud people remain Ho-Chunk, Sioux or any other nation to which they belong. This exhibit will be shown until sometime in January.

So, those are my favorite art exhibits- at least for this year. When I sifted through my photos, I discovered that there’s much I’ve left off. So, get out there…try an art exhibit for a change of pace!

Safe Travels!

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