The Neville’s 77th Art Annual

As I relax a bit, recounting today’s museum visit, I sense a reassuring thought: this world is continuously changing- I thank God that it is. The reason behind my thankfulness, and I think it goes without saying, with change, artists’ interpretations and methods evolve, adhering to new technologies, social movements and natural happenings.

So, as an eighty year old tradition continues, one that celebrates local artists, I decided to visit the Neville Public Museum’s 77th Art Annual Juried Exhibition.

There, in a one room showcase, the world that envelopes every human soul is artistically translated in many forms.

I found tons of human expression, with art as a reaction to the many elements of life.

There were interesting post pandemic pieces.

A serious work highlighted the imminent loss of a parent, and the anguish rendered from such a situation.

Plus, a painting about enigmatic astrological happenings, ones that have spurred many ancient spiritual myths, allowed myself a sense of awe.

And even insights into the complex social functions of the human mind, and the chaotic symphony engendered, spoke volumes on human insight.

There’s no doubt that our world, a place of constant change, affects every artist featured in this exhibition.

If subject matter doesn’t move you, maybe a broad array of media will.

Of course there’s ceramic sculptures to be found….

and canvas is a no brainer.

Glass is a bit more rare.

Copper?…Well, that’s certainly interesting.

These turtle shells certainly stand out.

There’s more, and it will topple our concept of contemporary art….

sending the traditionalist flat on their face.

I kid….there’s plenty of traditional works as well.

As far as contemporary art goes, there’s a great mix in this edition of the Art Annual. The juror, Jan Mirenda Smith, who was curator at the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, has made some very solid choices.

The 77th Art Annual exhibition began October 29th and runs until February 4th, 2023.

Safe Travels!

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