Four More Museums

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned that I would feature another interesting set of northeast Wisconsin museums. That came after I wrote about an initial four. So without further ado, or a needlessly lengthy lead in, here are four more…

Twigg’s Beverage

Let’s start with an absolutely fun place, which is located in Shawano. It’s a soda museum, one featuring a classic citrus drink: Sun Drop.

Yes, it’s a museum dedicated to a rather obscure brand. Does that sound kind of quirky? I agree, totally, but with unique sodas, tons of memorabilia and a curious assortment of bottling equipment, there’s plenty of interesting highlights at Twigg’s Beverage…oh, this spot also has a craft soda tasting bar.

The Packers Hall of Fame

Of course, if you’re in northeast Wisconsin, you can’t forget about the Green Bay Packers. This team, who’s been awarded a league high 13 NFL championships, boasts over one hundred years of history. And the Packers Hall of Fame, located in the Lambeau Field atrium, recounts much of the team’s past.

Historic Farm Museum

This museum, which operates solely on donations, is placed in the placid lakeside town of Two Rivers. Inside an old industrial building, you’ll find a unique collection of thought provoking farm machinery, detailed wood carvings and agricultural tools. It’s fairly quirky, but, seeing how Wisconsin has deep roots in agriculture, and considering the education I received, this museum is worth checking out.

Cana Island Lighthouse

For my last entry, as we bound along Lake Michigan’s shore, I chose a Door County lighthouse. It’s just outside Bailey’s Harbor. Recently, and it’s been years since my last visit, this place has been restored. I haven’t seen the buildings after the restoration, but my visit was memorable.

Not only do you learn of the tower, but you gain knowledge about life as a light keeper. Aiding your discovery, the outlying buildings highlight the pains of lighthouse upkeep. I should mention that, although this beacon is set on an island, you can reach it by wading through waist-high water. Or, better yet, a farm tractor, one hitched to a wagon, will pull you towards the very small Isle.

So, that’s my brief list. All of these museums are set in northeast Wisconsin. Some, as I only chose ones that sparked my personal interest, are set near other worthwhile museums. I know, my list is rather random. But, I figured, if I gave you an assortment, more readers would find a place suitable for them.

Safe Travels!

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