‘Monstrous Growth’ at the Art Garage

Lasting until March 25th, the Art Garage has an exhibit that challenges human perception, or maybe, more precisely stated, many preconceived notions are altered with this new display. It’s a gathering of ceramic sculptures titled Monstrous Growth, and, if I were to give you my own interpretation, it seems to say that beautiful things can arise from the seemingly hideous.

This present art collection is a collaboration of two different artists. First off, Annie Stenseth draws from the human form.

As I’ve read from the Gallery’s wall and website, her work represents physical and psychological changes. Since I’m a man nearing fifty, being that I’ve witnessed many changes within myself, I can relate.

And these pieces, while quite creepy, speak volumes.

Along with Annie’s sculptures, you’ll find Milada Meikle’s creations. Hers, while they still seem creepy, take on the forms of characters much like gargoyles.

Most of these ceramic pieces are planters. So, while seemingly dark and sinister, vibrant life emanates from within these beings.

When I surveyed the gallery, my immediate reaction was, “Whoa, this is crazy!” In other words, I was impressed with this small display. Yet, as I write this, I’m kicking myself. That’s because I didn’t take a real close look at the prices. Although, if I’m right, Milada’s planters are in the $100-$150 range. Annie’s are several hundred dollars a pop. None the less, this is a stunning visual art display. See what I mean for yourself.

Take Care and Safe Travels!

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