My Road Maps Through Life

What gives you direction in life?

Man, today, I’m confronting a tough question. What gives me direction in life? I guess, lately, and maybe it hadn’t been the case earlier in life, guidance comes from what I have read, followed by the constant obligations to family. However, I think I gain the most direction from my upbringing, and I remember the lessons, whether triumphs or failures, that I’ve learned throughout my life.

But, I’ll start with reading. I think when you read something, especially of literary note, it gives you worldly insight. Suddenly, whether you realize it or not, you’re aware of others. You’re especially alert to what obstacles friends, family and coworkers might face.

Reading, especially history, might replay a man’s tribulations. Sometimes, and I feel comforted when realizing this, the character’s situations are similar to your own. Because of that, I understand my situation isn’t unique, and believe there are ways to face difficult circumstances.

I think family obligations also lend direction. Don’t get me wrong, I live alone. That being said, Mom and Dad are still alive and healthy. I also have two married sisters who rear several of their own children. So, sometimes, my actions are spurred with regards to them.

Of great importance, and I tend to lean on this most, my parents, in my developmental years, taught me how to be a man. And I follow those principles, almost in bullheaded fashion, throughout everyday. Working hard, treating people with respect and practicing honesty are probably the most important traits I’ve retained. My parents worked very hard to instill those virtues.

Lastly, throughout my life I’ve failed, but I’ve also triumphed. So, combining my upbringing with personal experiences, I know how to smartly proceed through life. For me, and this is an absolute must, it’s about taming my emotions and making intelligent choices. As I age, I’m starting to master that skill. I think we all do as we mature.

So there, when asked what gives me direction, I believe those are my prime beacons. Of course, I’m sure other intangibles, such as my place of employment, my Christian faith and current events also come into play. Yet, the ones I’ve mentioned, I believe they act upon me most.

Have an excellent day!!

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