Role Models

List the people you admire and look to for advice…

I think guidance, even at my age, is welcome. Now that I’m beginning to age, my role models are probably fewer than in my youth. That being said, I do have a few.

Let’s start out with my mom and dad. With absolutely nothing to begin young adulthood with, they worked, saved and invested. Today, they’re free to do what they want in life. So yes, I still take advice from them. And yeah, I admire they’re sagacious decision making, work ethic and diligence.

Let’s see, who else is on that list? I guess my Grandparents, at least the three I knew through adulthood, would definitely be people I admire. And my Dad’s father, who I knew as Grandpa Karas, or Grandpa Ken, would sometimes, seemingly out of the blue, share words with me. At the time, those words absolutely helped me, and I remember those moments as if they happened yesterday.

I also admire my two sisters, who are two American women aptly filling their roles as wife, mom and medical professional. Plus, they’ve certainly helped me through life.

I guess I should throw in a celebrity. Now, he wasn’t much for standing on a soapbox, but his actions spoke volumes. He, rather quietly, contributed to the Green Bay community, and was known, even if he was an outstanding quarterback, one who won an NFL MVP award, as being a better man than he was a football player. I think that’s important. And Because Bart Starr’s personality superseded his celebrity status, the man taught me that, no matter a man’s stature, his character is his most visible trait.

That’s a list of the people I admire most. There are tons of other men and women I admire, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the most influential. Of course, other celebs, such as actors and writers, I admire because of artistic output, but my admiration is generally for their performances. And yeah, it influences me slightly, but the ones I’ve mentioned, I lean on lessons they taught me daily.

Have an excellent day!!

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