Celebrating Mom

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

A long time ago, when my mother turned fifty, we threw her a surprise party. I think her reaction, one of almost hysterical surprise, said a lot about her character.

My mother is a very low key woman. She also believes the simple essentials are the most important things on earth. What I’m trying to say, at least what I think I mean, is that she is a very humble individual.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s also very proud. My mother’s birthday is in September. For some reason, my sisters had decided to integrate Halloween into her celebration.

When she arrived, my grandfather, who had been smoking in our garage, and wearing a clown costume, found himself scrambling to hide himself. Yet, despite being a bit ill prepared, when we let out our cry of, “Surprise!” She was absolutely stunned.

I remember her bewildered face, while she surveyed friends, family and neighbors. She choked a tearful, “What’s going on?” I’m sure our costumes added to the confusion.

I also recall being proud of my sisters, who had thought of the party. I was also very happy for my mom, who realized she was appreciated.

And today’s post, coming a day after Mother’s Day, a holiday I spent thousands of miles away from mom, I absolutely had to include this story. There are plenty of other stories I’d like to include, but, for some reason, I remember that party and think, “That’s who my mom is.”

Have an excellent day!!

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