My Sacrifices

What sacrifices have you made in life?

In my life, I’ve made a few sacrifices. And to be quite honest, sometimes, I ask myself if it was worth it. Take now for instance; outside it’s beautiful, and the biking trails beckon me down forested paths. Yet, I’m doing this, writing, because I believe, one day, it will point me down a better road.

Every morning, when I wake up, I tackle crosswords, learn a little Spanish, play some helpful brain games and then write a blog.

After that, it’s me time. I make breakfast and then exercise. Of course, neither of those do I consider sacrifices. I’m a good cook, and, if there’s no allergens in the air, my running boosts both my emotional and physical health. However, and this does irk me, don’t rip on my trim physique for the sake of your own self esteem. I don’t like it when people say, “Well, you like to exercise!”

The truth is, if you try to find a happy medium, like I was forced to do, you’d like exercise too. And maybe exercise is a sacrifice, but I don’t count it as such. It seems the rewards outweigh the work. And if I come across a bit quarrelsome, I’ve had to defend the fact that I try to be healthy. I don’t feel I should have to do that.

And that brings me to a thought. It’s about givers and takers, and how the givers attract the takers. I must admit, at times in my life, I felt all I had to be was a decent guy. But, as I began to work harder, I had begun to realize, and it’s a tough lesson, people will take advantage of that.

Not only will they take advantage of that, they’ll come up with reasons why you’re not awarded your share. Many are envious, claiming innate ability doesn’t lead to entitlement. But damn it, when you work for it, why shouldn’t you be rewarded more. It’s a choice to work hard and develop talent, and, because someone chose not to do that, the fact that you have more than they do shouldn’t be an issue.

So learning to write, yes, a huge sacrifice. Sometimes, when doing menial tasks, I find myself narrating prose of a scene I intend to write. Admittedly, being distracted for no apparent reason comes off a bit flaky, but I believe there is an altruistic purpose in this plight.

Do I expect to be paid? Yes, but if sacrifice is involved, and your intentions are benevolent, that means you’re most likely producing something worthwhile. And, if it’s worth something to somebody, why shouldn’t that be rewarded.

So yes, I’ve actually sacrificed much, and I’ve sat on the sidelines observing. I know many are like me. Don’t let someone tell you you’re narcissistic for wanting better for yourself. I have, and it renders a bitter inner struggle. Make the sacrifices. Whether for children, society or a loved one. If you care, yes, it’s certainly worth it. But don’t let someone tell you expecting something in return is selfish. Because, in my experiences, those are the ones that do nothing and shame you into supporting their causes.

Have an excellent day!!

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