Cold Weather isn’t Awful

How do you feel about cold weather?

Weather. In my homeland, it’s a daily topic. In Wisconsin, the weather swings like a bi-polar individual’s moods. So, one must have tolerance for both hot and cold temps.

My own feelings? I’d say frigid days are more than bearable. It’s welcome. Well, I’ll welcome it for a few months out of the year. That wasn’t always the case, especially in my youth. Yet, I made a discovery after I joined the Air Force and was shipped to Eilson AFB, Alaska.

There, with the closest major city being Fairbanks, I was amid an isolated region and the temps could reach -60. Believe me, I’ve seen a thermometer’s needle pegged to the left. Yet, after -20, it really doesn’t feel that much different.

Since it was winter nine months of the year, during my three year arctic stint, I learned to tackle some winter sports. Now, even if it had seemed daunting when I was a child, I like downhill skiing. I also like Nordic skiing, but that was a sport I’ve always ventured.

Plus, in the winter months, you can sled, snowmobile or, if you’re up for it, snowshoe. And yeah, cold weather can be very dangerous. But, as my uncle Kenny always told me, “You can always put more layers on, but you can only take so much off.” As I’ve aged, and feel the ill effects of heat and humidity, I realize the man was absolutely right.

My family, when my sisters’ children were younger, used to head towards northern Wisconsin. There’s usually more snow in that area, so, for one weekend a year, we’d bundle up and spend the time skating, tubing, skiing and more. It was the classic rustic cabin retreat.

Don’t get me wrong, a day in the mid 80’s is fine. But I can wear T- shirts in the low fifties. So, yeah, at one time, cold weather was a problem. Now, I certainly don’t mind it. I actually find colder temps invigorating.

Have an excellent day!

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