A brief glance at summer

In august, my blog reached its one year anniversary.  So, with Wisconsin’s peak tourism season being Memorial Day to Labor Day, this was the first full summer I spent writing about places to visit.  Some of the past summer’s destinations I was dying to investigate,  yet I didn’t get to all the attractions I had planned to write about.

The summer had a dark beginning for me, from a blog standpoint.  In April, after a stressful day of work, I decided to head to the bar with my girlfriend, just to let off some steam.  I had fun and discovered she’s a fairly good pool player.

On the way home, however, I was pulled  over, given a field sobriety test and arrested for  DUI.  I was fuming because I didn’t feel drunk or even buzzed.  Yet, I blew over the legal limit on a breathalyzer.  The cop drove me to a local hospital where I would have my blood drawn, which stands in court in the state of Wisconsin.  I wouldn’t see the results for another two weeks, and the wait seemed interminable.

With summer approaching and the looming prospect of losing my license almost a certainty, I stressed over the prospect of not being able to drive for six months. Heidi offered to take me to summer attractions but our schedules didn’t always jive, and the thought of trying to make it work was exhausting in itself.  It seemed the weekly blog was doomed.

I received the blood analysis, which rendered me ecstatic.  I registered a .066 which is under Wisconsin’s .08 limit.  Yet, I still had a court date and my worries.  Would they see my initial denial of a blood draw as an admission of guilt?  Would they factor in the time lapse from the spot of the alleged infraction to the hospital?   I waited half the summer for my court appearance and simply had to offer a plea of not guilty.  After, I would speak to the DA.

Long story short, the DA dismissed the case in about one minute’s time.  However the date of the dismissal wasn’t until August 7th.  So, naturally I was driving to attractions  with that cloud looming for most of the summer.  I kept up my weekly excursions however, mainly with Heidi by my side, and took advantage of the privilege to drive, it almost feels like it should be a right.

Even with the DUI in the back of my mind, I had some pretty outstanding experiences this summer.  I believe it started in a small town known as Eagle Wisconsin, in a living museum known as Old World Wisconsin.

This place took into account the many nationalities that had settled the state in its early years.  From Scandinavian settlements to German and polish, I was thrilled to see these authentic buildings that were carefully reconstructed on the grounds.  I’m a quarter German and one half polish so the outing seemed relevant and very interesting.  My blog Old World Wisconsin-little house in the park. tells of my experience.

After that the summer seemed wide open and there were tons to see and do.  Living near Lake Michigan offers a chance that only those living on the coasts, or Great Lakes have the opportunity to see.  The aforementioned chance was that of perusing an authentic 19th century lighthouse.  Along with the lighthouse, came the other buildings pertinent to the survival of the lighthouse keeper and the operation of the beacon.  My blog Cana Island Lighthouse-classic Door County is the tale of my visit to one of Door County’s many lighthouses.

Along with lighthouses,  Door County has many other claims to fame.  One of those claims is being the nation’s second leading region for harvesting the Montmorrency cherry.  With that type of reputation, naturally, there are plenty of pick-your-own orchards within the peninsula.  Take a read of Cherry picking in Door County to get the whole story.

Also, with summer comes events, festivals and outdoor concerts.  I attended a few.  Even if I usually don’t write about events or festivals, I wrote a blog on an event known as the EAA-Airventure Fly-in.  Actually, the blog was probably a more personal entry as it told of my father, a Vietnam War era vet, getting a welcome he deserved.  My story A Great Moment at a World Class Event chronicled the sights and sounds of the event, not to mention a seemingly endless airshow.

I rarely went on an indoor adventure during the months of June, July and August, as I tried to enjoy the warmth of summer.  However, during a brutally hot week, I visited a unique house with an interesting past.  My blog Appleton’s Hearthstone Historical House Museum-the Victorian age ‘house of the future’  is my account of a beautiful and historically significant piece of Wisconsin.

Finally, what’s summer without a trip to an amusement park?  I had an entire summer to plan a trip to Green Bay’s popular Bay Beach Amusement Park.  I managed to slip it in on labor day, and the visit wasn’t long, thanks to rainy days and other obstacles.  However, besides the Packers, the amusement park is probably Green Bay’s biggest family draw.  So I included Bay Beach-Affordable family fun in this retrospective.

There you have it, a collection of my Favorites from this summer.  To be honest, it was hard to narrow it down, I really enjoyed everywhere I went these past three months.  I hope you read a few, if you haven’t all ready.  Maybe it will give you Ideas and have you already longing for next summer.  In the mean time, fall brings so many new excursions that I’m dying to experience-corn mazes, apple picking, enjoying the colors of fall and more.

Also, 9/11 falls today. All of those affected those many years ago are in my thoughts today.

Safe Travels!

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