Blaser’s Acres-a great alternative for children not old enough for scary delights.

During the chilly days at the end of October, there are spooky adventures awaiting thrill seekers.  They may take a tour of their city, finding the communities most haunted sights.  Production haunted houses are visited by many, as some daring souls will find an abandoned building for a more authentic experience.  Others will turn towards the theatres and TVs for classic, and the latest, edge of your seat horror films.  It’s all  part of the Halloween celebration.

However, the scary is a little much for smaller children.  It’s no fun seeing a toddler crying in fear of a person’s realistic zombie costume.  Not to worry, there are places that celebrate the season appropriately, and are geared for younger children.  I’m talking about what I call a pumpkin patch.  There is exactly that place just out of Suamico, Wisconsin, allowing kids playtime, yet selling that traditional décor that grows on a vine or stalk.  It’s part autumn produce market and part kiddie fun park.  Blaser’s Acres is the name of this fun little environment.

I pull my car into a small field, adjacent to what looks like someone’s pumpkin laden front yard.  Along with piles of pumpkins, come many other inviting sights.  We walk towards the hose shoe drive and discover a small child’s utopia.  Attractions like a small bouncy house and a petting zoo complete with a tiny pony, let these youngsters play amongst the giant orange gourds.  There’s even a ruler to compare last year’s and this year’s photo, letting children see how much they grew in the past twelve months.

There are tons of other activities for the kids, and adults too.  They offer hayrides for a small price,  also a corn maze to navigate for 5$.  Of course, there are plenty of items to buy.  From pumpkins priced according to size to Indian corn and apples, one can delight in a little seasonal shopping.

At the apex of the drive, lies a rectangular gazebo.  Anything from gourds to apple cider is available for purchase.  I peruse the Items and buy a small gourd.  It will spruce up the house till Thanksgiving.

If you’re interested there is only today and tomorrow, but it would be well worth your time-especially if you have young ones.  It’s open till 6pm and is on BB on the way to the NEW Zoo, you will see it off on the right hand side of the road.

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