Christmas at the Grignon Mansion.

I must confess, I don’t feel much like writing.  I’ve come down with an Illness that, according to my doctor, will be with me for another week or two.  It didn’t stop me, although it should have, from exploring an expression of Christmas, in the area.

Actually, my exploits took me to Kaukauna, where a house has stood since 1837.  It was the conception of a fur trader in a bid to please his new bride, who was born of a wealthy family residing in the Eastern U.S..  From the large yard, with the light snowfall meandering from above, the mansion and grounds present a postcard worthy scene.  Add a few details like candle lanterns along the walk and a horse-drawn wagon, I couldn’t wait to start the tour.

I should divulge, on the schedule posted on their website they promote a Christmas tour.  Instead, I don’t know if it pertained to just this day, I received an education on Courting rituals during the Pioneer era, along with info of the Grignon family.  It’s an interesting subject and presented by some intelligent young girls and one young man who memorized their bits and knew much about the items that lied within the rooms.

In the dining parlor, a lady played harp and then a tune on a very rare piano, there are only two of this certain piano  left in the world.  It might be a little pitchy, but the craftsmanship of the exterior is profound.  Found in a gathering place, I imagine this piano served as entertainment, sort of yesteryear’s 4K TV.  It was certainly the focal point of the room. The host, I’m sure, would show it off and provide entertainment for his guests with it at the same time.

The house is nice, much is restored and very interesting.  There are two parlors, a kitchen, servants quarters and bedrooms for the Bride and Groom and their children.  The kitchen had to be my favorite, complete with a brick oven.  What’s amazing about the house, now it would be a normal dwelling, perhaps lacking in space.  Then, it was a considered the Mansion in the Woods, built as settlers were just arriving into the Wisconsin Territory.

After the tour, we scoped out the basement which had Christmas crafts, cookies, hot cider and egg nog.  I passed on all.  Yet, the tour included a wagon ride and, against what should have been my better judgement,  I hopped on the horse-drawn wagon.  Sleigh bells rang as light flakes of snow drifted to the ground, and I shivered despite three layers of clothing.  It would have been picture perfect had it not been for my stubborn virus.

The tour was sixteen dollars for the pair of us.  According to their website, there will be carolers and candlelight tours after dark on certain days.  I do hope you decide to venture out and take in a little classic Christmas cheer.

4 responses to “Christmas at the Grignon Mansion.”

  1. Thank you for this great write up! We love tours like this-we’ve never ended one with a ride in a horse drawn carriage. But you need to be home in bed resting and drinking hot tea with honey and lemon! Praying your better sooner rather than later! 🙏


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