Charity and a New Year’s Eve Suggestion

Merry Christmas!  I spend my free time writing about attractions, for those people visiting, or living in, Wisconsin.  So, I must tell you that 112.5 million Americans are anticipated to travel this December.  I know, I used the word ‘anticipated’ when December’s almost over, but the bulk of the travel is for this most blessed day. 

 What is most American’s travel destination?  That comfortable location known to many-the place they or their loved one once called home.

I, myself, have been hanging out locally, as most of my family live in  Northeast Wisconsin.  While mulling around my home state of Wisconsin, I’ve attempted to induce a little holiday cheer to those who read my blog.  Four of my last five blog entries have adhered to the holiday theme.

So, my quandary is the subject of my Christmas Day blog.  It seems pointless to blog an attraction that celebrates December 25th because, after today, the build up ends abruptly.  True, some Christmas attraction last till New Years, but it just isn’t the same.

Instead, I’ve decided to blog a trip that’s not a tourist attraction.  If you live in an urban area, it is a trip that probably takes a matter of minutes.  Yet, if one has the means, its should be made.  Also, I’ll throw in a suggestion for a fun New Year’s Eve celebration.

As one knows, Christmas is known as the season of giving.  Try telling that to childhood me, who received that treasured toy he had been waiting for all year on Christmas Day.  You know, looking back, I feel I owe my parents an apology, never being fully satisfied with what was left under the tree.  I never did get that Darth Vader action figure, of course I’m no worse off.

I must admit, it makes adult me feel rather guilty, knowing just how hard it is to mange money during the holiday season.  Yet, I know many people living on this earth survive in much more dire circumstances.  So, even if I do watch my pennies, I find there is always something to give to those less fortunate.

I’ll rewind and recap my charitable donation this Christmas Season.

It’s been a productive day, and thank God!  My house was in desperate need of some dusting, floor scrubbing, vacuum cleaning and various other chores required to make a home habitable.  I finish the day by wrapping up a project I had begun yesterday-organizing my closet.

I try to keep it easy for me, good jeans in a pile, work jeans separate, work shirts in their own stack-I’m sure you get the gist of it.  As I do, I realize my closet is overflowing, not just with printed tees which I buy and receive more than I need.  There’s Khaki’s that I haven’t worn in three years, and I’m not exaggerating.  Heck, there’s all sorts of dress clothes and T-shirts that are in great shape. 

Most of these I’d still wear, well, not today or tomorrow, but someday in the future.  Who am I kidding?  I have my favorite three or four sweaters, the others not being what I’m going for anymore.

I grasp a pile and march off to my kitchen where my garbage can stands. Halfway there, I’m hit by a thought, “What the heck am I doing?”  These clothes are in great shape and, while they might not reflect the style I go for these days, they’re actually cool.   There’s no way they deserve the landfill. 

So I grab a trash bag, stuffing it with misfit clothes.   Normally, and it is a good idea, I’d take it to Goodwill.  Instead, as there is a ton of dress clothes I’m taking it to St Vincent DePaul.  I’ve learned that they donate dress clothes to homeless individuals, heading for interviews.  I’d like to think that maybe, just maybe, my clothes gave someone the confidence, while taking a monumental step, to change their life around. 

I don’t believe in making incredible sacrifices for someone I don’t know.  To me, it seems that if I am the best man I can be,  I serve the community by contributing with my talents, thought and effort.  Yet, I don’t mind donating something for a decent cause.  Today is a win-win.  I made my closet leaner by getting rid of clothes I know I’ll never wear again.  Plus, I feel good because perfectly good clothes did not go to waste.  Someone will probably appreciate them and I’m proud of that.

Finally, as this is a travel blog, I’ll finish by writing a bit on the Title Town District.  A classy holiday setting with an outdoor skating rink amidst the glow of  lit trees and fire pit surrounded by ice, the district invokes merriment by simply walking through the cheerful crowd.  Towering over the rink, Ariens hill offers entertainment for those who care to tube down its steep grade.  Establishments like Hinterland Brewery and 46 below offer sanctuaries of warmth and hot food. 

Don’t miss the Ice sculptures.  Glistening in the confines of a refrigerated shelter, these sculptures focus mainly on the 100th anniversary of Packer football.  It’s not a huge display, but the sculptures are very cool-pardon the pun.

I mention this with New years in mind, as the district will turn into a festival complete with fireworks at midnight.  I hope your Christmas is Joyous and your New Year full of promise.

Safe Travels!

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