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Prehistoric Fish and a Health Food Drive-Through

Travel, or just everyday life, can sometimes interrupt our daily routines. If you’re trying to eat healthy, and on a road trip through the US, it sometimes is hard to find an affordable option. Unfortunately, many trusted eateries usually are familiar unhealthy fast food spots like McDonald’s, Arby’s or Burger King.

You may argue Subway is fairly healthy and there are plenty across the country. It maybe healthier than McDonalds, but a sub is packed with carbs and Subway’s wraps are expensive. Plus, the food quality, as I’ve discovered the hard way, is often substandard.

You’ve probably guessed that I have a suggestion. I do. For those going through, or staying in Appleton, Wisconsin, I found the health food answer you’ve been looking for.

Also, spring is in full swing in Northeast Wisconsin. So, there are more opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and I took full advantage of the sunshine and summerlike temperatures.

My subject, although it isn’t taking place quite yet, is a prehistoric ritual that has occurred ever since dinosaurs walked the earth. It’s proof positive that members of the animal kingdom were practicing romantic getaways before man set foot on earth, at least according to Darwin. Basically, this expedition is a chance to see big fish in a river.

First off, I’m driving through Appleton Wisconsin. I catch the local high school art exhibit at the Trout museum. I conclude that there are some decent young artists living right here in Northeast Wisconsin. I snap a few photos and head towards my Feature destination.

I stay on college Avenue and head towards Highway 41. I almost reach the on ramp and discover a little hut rising from the blacktop like an island placed on a large parking lot. This place, known as Snap’s Wraps, is not big and is drive-through only. Immediately I’m intrigued, as it’s not quite what I anticipated.

I pull up to the window and survey the Menu. There’s a broad choice of salads, flatbreads and wraps priced at $5.99. I’m captivated by a wrap option labeled the Gyro Wrap. It is, as it sounds, a wrap with all the ingredients of a Gyro. I decide I’ll try that.

The courteous woman at the window collects my money and sends me to the opposite side of the building. There, the pick up window awaits. I’m anticipating a long wait. My notion is proven wrong as a lady presents a tightly wrapped entre within seconds.

Like I mentioned, it’s tightly wrapped which makes it easily consumable on the go. Not only is it a no-mess meal, it’s delicious. For six dollars it’s really an affordable alternative to those fast food chains.

Later on in the week, I made the drive to New London. It was Ill-fated. What I planned on witnessing were Sturgeon spawning in the Wolf River. Unfortunately, although the time of year is correct, the water isn’t quite ready for the aquatic pilgrimage . The phenomenon only lasts a few days.

A sturgeon is a large torpedo shaped fish, reaching six feet in length, that has survived in this area for over 200 million years. They have been making the voyage from their fresh water lakes into the wolf river for as long as these bodies of water have existed.

New London, which is about an hour southwest of Green Bay by automobile, was my destination. It plays home to the Wolf River Sturgeon Trail. The trail is paved, following the banks of the river, and is well maintained. It’s location is on Big Eddy road, which is a short drive on County Road X if you’re heading west out of town.

Its really a cost effective activity. The money for gas is really you’re only expense. Simply get to the trail and watch the Sturgeon frolic on the rocky banks.

The temperature has to reach 53 degrees for the journey to commence. If you care to view the fish spawning, you can contact the New London Chamber of commerce and they will notify you when the spawn has started.

Also, east of New London is Shiocton. Here, I found another place to view the prehistoric voyagers, although I’m under the impression one must purchase a raft pass to do so.

I hope to journey back to New London and capture a few fish on camera. It would be a great addition to this blog.

Safe Travels!

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