Karas’ Favorite Spots From the 2019 Summer

If I had to whittle the adjectives to describe this summer into a few words, I couldn’t possibly do it. It was cool and dreary, at other times hot and humid, still other days were comfortably clear and sunny. There was a celebration taking place for the cousin who finally tied the knot. Not to mention, the lamentations about someone taken from his family too early, no longer able to guide his children who are on the cusp of adulthood.

What does that have to do with travel? Nothing and everything. I’ve found that many destinations are a celebration of life. If not a celebration of life, a celebration of the region and the attributes that form its Identity. However, other places of interest memorialize heroes, speak of heritage and attest to those that came before them.

All in all, travel destinations are mainly an introduction to a foreign aspect of the world. Sometimes it comes from different cultures, other times historical facts we were oblivious to and yet other attractions come solely inspired by that unequivocal element of the world-the human imagination.

So with that in mind, I’d like to recap My 5 favorite excursions of the 2019 summer.

Favorite spot #1


Mackinac Island, with it’s Victorian allure, storied history and natural beauty, left me spellbound, thrilled and relaxed at the same time. Whether it was a glimpse of the Mackinac Bridge, standing atop Arch Rock, touring historical buildings or a trip through towering cedar forests, I couldn’t hep but daydream about this 3.8 square mile chunk of land once I left it. This link, along with the rest of my blogs in October, will enlighten one on this premier Midwestern vacation spot.https://karasexplore.com/2019/06/18/my-take-on-mackinac-island/

Favorite spot #2


Being a city of nearly three million souls, I can’t just fit everything worth visiting in Chicago in a single blog entry. The best I can do is recount my late summer hiatus to this stunning metropolitan area. Its fresh and hip, historical and stately plus fun and exciting. We rambled the city’s downtown and enjoyed the vibrant hum of the lively streets, taking in signature Chicago foods, uplifting live music and wonderful man-made scenery.

This link features the highlights –A Summer Tour of Chicago

Favorite Spot #3


If you would have told me, before June arrived,  that in my recap of summer the Wisconsin State Fair would make the list, I simply wouldn’t have believed you.  Maybe I would have just said, “I hope fall gets here soon then!”  The fact is, I haven’t been to the State Fair in a long time.  The return left me more than  pleasantly surprised, as I became that weird middle aged guy with a gigantic smile on my face.  From novel entertainment to eclectic foods and shopping, I can’t think of another venue that has it beat.  This link will tell you all about it.  Fun at the Fair!

Favorite Spot #4


As I’ve hinted at in the intro, there are all sorts of tourist lures in the Midwest.  Some entertain the nature lover in us, others tap into the side that craves exciting  man made attractions and others satisfy our curiosities with an informative history lesson.  The House on the Rock really does none of these.  I guess its a manmade attraction filled with novel items spurred by the human Imagination.  Yet, its eccentric nature appeals to that portion of human nature that made side shows a staple in the traveling Circus.  Its cool, its creepy, its breathtaking and weird.  The fact is, you’d have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate what I have just written.  This link will expand on what I’ve tried to say.  ‘The House on the Rock’: It’s a Bit Different

Favorite spot #5


Lastly, I’ve fit America’s past time in a blog entry.  Actually I’ve done it twice this summer.  There’s nothing like a ballgame on a clear summer evening, escaping the grind of life if only for a few hours.  The buzz of the crowd, the taste of the food and the excitement on the field make it a truly and uniquely American experience.  Although baseball is played in other countries and continents, ballparks in the Midwest present the game of baseball  best.  I’ve visited one Minor league venue and one Major League venue this summer.  Both were absolutely delights!  My links Minor League Entertainment in Appleton  and A Gamble Pays Off in a Major League Way  feature some great Wisconsin baseball.img_1493

So, that’s my list for this summer.  Yet, since there’s three months worth of blogs to choose from, the other spots wrote about weren’t crap.  These five just stick out in my mind as places I will probably remember for a long time.  

The Midwest is truly awesome.  Its not overpopulated yet you don’t have to drive too far to find a large metropolis.  There are  lakes, rivers, bluffs, forests and waterfalls to be found.  There are also museums, old army forts, aged structures and historical buildings to be investigated.  Not to mention, gatherings for music, sports, festivals and theatrical performances abound in the region.  What I’m trying to say is, that even if these were my favorites this summer, there is so much more to see and do.  This blog  simply presents suggestions for like minded individuals who bother to read this post.img_1425-1

Safe Travels!



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