Museums in the Brew City

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a past that is very unique, but somewhat similar, to other Midwestern cities.  It was founded on core traits and endowments such as faith, strong work ethic, community and a provident location.  Like any proud metropolitan, the city boasts classy, interesting and fun museums that not only highlight the city’s past, but provide residents and visitors a glimpse of the world. In the summer, the city’s festivals like Summer Fest and the Wisconsin State Fair are second to none.  Yet, a good museum can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Today, I’ll highlight a few after a very brief introduction about the city of Milwaukee.

Once, as it capitalized on the farming conditions in the Midwest, Milwaukee became the center of the American beer industry.  German beer barons rose to wealth and power in  Wisconsin’s largest city, which is situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.  Today, due to mergers, contract sales and other corporate world happenings, many of the original large breweries no longer produce the alcoholic beverage, even if their labels are still in existence.

Not only was Milwaukee the center of the beer industry, the iconic motorcycle company known as Harley-Davidson has called Milwaukee home since its inception.  Brewtown has also  been the home for the Milwaukee Brewers, Braves, Bucks and, believe it or not, the Green Bay Packers over the course of the past century.  And, if you’re into entertainment, the hit eighty’s TV shows Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley were filmed in Milwaukee.   So, that is to say, there’s definitely things that spark my interest in this humble city.

Miller Valley


I’ll start my Recap off right, since I wasted a paragraph on Milwaukee’s brewing legacy.  A very long time ago, well two years ago now, I toured Miller Vally.  It may be a tour of modern brewing facilites, but the buildings along your stroll are definitely  Victorian braggery.  Plus, the tour ends on a high when you descend into the Ice Caves, which were necessary before the times of electric refridgeration.

Check this link out for better insight.

A Brewery Tour in ‘Brew Town’

The Milwaukee Art Museum



My second entry would be the Milwaukee Art Museum.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised here.  Not only is a portion of the building a work of art in it’s own right, there are world class pieces from ancient Egyptian to modern abstract, and a little of everything in between.

Also included in my excursion to the Milwaukee Art Museum was Discovery World, a pretty cool Children’s Museum with an out of this world aquarium.

Clink this link to learn more.

Museums on Milwaukee’s Lakefront

The Milwaukee Public Museum



Another place that surprised me was the Milwaukee Public Museum.  There’s everything from a complete Wooly Mammoth skeleton to a fun butterfly room in this building crammed full of intellectually arousing artifacts.  When I went, I was treated to four floors of educational oddities and exhibits.  If you want to just Marvel at something uniquely cool, this would be the place.

Check this link out.

The Milwaukee Public Museum-great learning environment for all.

The Harley-Davidson Museum


I feel I should mention, I’m not presenting these in any kind of order.  It’s not a list where I’m counting down to number one.  A person’s favorite place is totally subjective.  I like spinach, avocados and Jalapenos and find a way to fit them into almost every meal.  I think that would be far from anyone else, who is reading, as far as favorite foods would go. So, I’ll let you decide which one is best.

I will have to say, the Harley-Davidson Museum is my favorite museum in Milwaukee.  There are cool prototypes that never made it to the production floor, a train of hogs from 1903 to present taking center stage and just a ton of bikes and memorabilia to spur the imagination.  If you’re a fan of 20th century pop-culture or love motorbikes, this is a must on the list.

See this link to learn more.

The Harley-Davidson Museum-Industry and pop culture.

The Pabst Mansion


I’ll go back to the brewing industry for my final entry.  Actually, I’ll go to a single beer baron known as Captain Frederick Pabst.  His home, evidently through the hands of God, is the last standing home of Grande Avenue, the Ritzy neighborhood in Milwaukee’s Victorian times. It was built with ultra modern comforts of the time, keeping party hosting in mind as well.

It was sold to the Milwaukee Arch Diocese and, when it was deemed no longer suitable for living, was preserved by a group of residents in the city.  Today, a few anscestors of the Pabst Family sit on the board that is restoring the rest of the home.  Milwaukee is known as a place of Flemish Renaissance Revival architecture.  The Pabst Mansion is a prime example of that.  The area surrounding may not be the best, but its definitely worth a visit.

This link will give you the details of our tour.

An Excursion to the Pabst Mansion and the Milwaukee Brat House.

So there’s a list of five fun places to pass your time.  They’re all worth a trip to Milwaukee alone.  However, if you’re in the city, I strongly urge you to take a look at one that seems up your alley.  Like I said the list is subjective, as is anything in life.  If everybody liked the same things, man, I’d probably be bored as hell.  Stay original!

Safe Travels!




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