Museums and a World Class Event in Oshkosh

If you’re not from the Badger State, or an aviation enthusiast, you probably know the city of Oshkosh for one thing.  Yes, those cute bib overalls that parents love to dress their adorable toddlers in-Oshkosh B’gosh.  However, there’s some history, culture and recreation to be explored in this Midwestern City.

If your driving on US 41, you’ll find a long stretch of businesses built along the highway’s frontage roads. That’s the sign you’re in Oshkosh. Beyond that, there’s an entire town to discover.  There’s a few good museums within the city limits.  Plus this town hosts an Event that every business in Oshkosh benefits from- the EAA Airventure.  So, I put together a small list of places that I’ve enjoyed in this landmark aviation city.



I don’t blog about a lot of events. As a matter of fact, the EAA was the first one I’ve written about.  The reason was personal, however, I did describe the event, at least that year’s main attractions.  First and foremost however, I wrote about what the good people of Old Glory Honor Flight do for wartime veterans.  I felt since the EAA was responsible for hosting such a benevolent piece of charity, I’d include it.  I should mention the EAA is the largest Fly-in convention in the world.

So, enjoy this heart felt piece.

A Great Moment at a World Class Event


The Paine Art Center


The Paine Art Center was a labor of love for the Paine family, all the while intended to be a place for the community of Oshkosh.  It’s construction met some pretty daunting obstacles, mainly the Great Depression and second World War.  However, even if Nathan Paine never saw the final product, its original purpose survives to this day.  Endowed with an art gallery, beautifully furnished English living quarters and peaceful gardens, this building, which is meant to represent a Tudor Style home, survives for everyone to gawk at old world elegance.  I absolutely love this place.

Read about my visits on the link below.

Bringing in Summer Right-Gardens and sunsets.

The Paine Art Center-a manor for the community.

The Oshkosh Public Museum


Practically across the street from the Paine Art Center lies another  home styled in the Tudor fashion.  This time, instead of holding art within its luxurious walls, remnants of the past are strewn about the place.  After living there for only several years, the Sawyer family donated this home to the community with the intention to make their home a public museum.  The city of Oshkosh has adhered to the previous owners wishes and  made this into quite a unique trip to the past.

For a guided tour, Click the link below

My Experience at the Oshkosh Public Museum

The EAA Museum


Finally, I’ve listed the EAA Airventure, which occurs in July.  If you’re into aviation there is a year round alternative right on the EAA grounds.  Some cool Aircraft await the visitor of this very eye appealing museum.  From WWII war birds to experimental predecessors to the helicopter, any aviation enthusiast, or just someone into novel machinery, will delight and lose themselves in these authentic and replicated vessels of early and modern aviation.

Read more below.

EAA Aviation Museum- mega interesting

And there’s a few Ideas while traversing through Oshkosh Wisconsin.  Each one of these  places I felt were top-notch and worth any visitors perusal.  I haven’t mentioned any decent places to eat or the new professional G-league basketball team, the Wisconsin Herd, in this blog.  Mainly, because I haven’t attended much in those lines in the City.  I’m sure those visits would be just as splendid.  Hope you enjoy your visit!

Safe Travels!




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