A Recollection of the Hard Rock Cafe

The wanderlust is increasing within me.  I wonder if you, the reader, are feeling that urge swelling within your soul as well.  For now, my travels will be limited to these words I write, as I recall fond times in distant places.  Well, today’s topic isn’t that distant, a few hundred miles from where I sit at this moment.  Still, it makes me long for days to come.  I hope that, you too, feel as if you’re being transported inside the walls of this tourist locale.  Maybe, this will give you an incentive to stay strong and visit when we, once again, may roam freely about our country.

My chosen destination is the Hard Rock Café in Chicago.  This visit took place the last weekend of august.  So, I’ll have to brush the cobwebs off in the corners of my mind and grind the deteriorating rust from those memories.  I do remember this place, it was our last stop before we returned home that day.  Anyhow….

On with my experience at the Hard Rock Café in Chicago….

The afternoon has given way to early evening, as the sun has started to duck behind the monstrous skyscrapers of Chicago’s downtown.  We’re due back in Green Bay before too long.  However, as we enjoy the many sights of Chicago’s bustling city center, there’s one I’ve always wanted to experience, yet never visited-The Hard Rock Café.  And with a few more hours left before our parking permit expires, this is a prime opportunity to subdue the beast of want.

We find Ontario street and, rising up as a universal symbol of rebellious youth and controversial subject matter, a sculpture of a giant guitar stretches skyward, meshing with the city’s skyline in chic fashion.  The sight propels the blood with in my veins, causing my motor rev.  Hard Rock music and Great food were two of the greatest motivations in my teenaged and young adulthood years.  And those memories carry forward to this day, as I embark to douse the fiery lusts of my youth.

Heidi’s at my side and, even if our choice in bands differ, she also enjoys the genre of loud drums, heavy guitars and guttural voices.  It’s going to be a win-win this evening.

When we enter, I’m taken aback by the class and elegance of this place.  Sure it’s packed full of memorabilia, but it also has finished wood tables, a cool polished floor plus a tiered dining space.  And the background music, as we had started the day off  with the refined melodies and improvisations of Jazz, has regressed to primal tones of angst and aggression.  I’m cool with both.

We sit down, in the spacious dining room, as I’m facing a small TV flashing the videos of the Music sounding overhead.  In minutes, our waitress brings us beer and takes our orders.  The wait for our food is a little lengthy, but that’s quite alright because I can check out the Guitars, drum sets, personal items and clothes of past and present Rock Icons.

I had simply ordered a burger, because that’s what I do when I think of Hard Rock Music.  The Genre is genuinely American, so are hamburgers.  Add some regionally brewed craft beers and I’m having a uniquely American experience.  Alright, the British invasion played an incomparable role in the shaping of  Rock music, but the origins of the drum beats, guitar licks and the Raspy and high pitched vocals originated in the world’s melting pot.

When our food arrives it is very good.  I particularly like the French fries.  We eat, talk, enjoy the music and guess which memorabilia belonged to which musician. When the bill arrives, its a little steep for beers and burgers.  Yet, this is a touristy place with a lot of commercial appeal.  So, yeah, the price tag is going to be a little steep.

Our service was excellent however and, before we set out to retrieve our car, we ask one last favor from our server.  We need a photo as evidence to show we, indeed, dined at the Hard Rock Café.  Not only is our server willing to do this.  She shows incredible patience and a willingness to capture the perfect picture.

When we’re finished,  we leave  with a lasting memory.  A positive experience of the windy city was topped off with a visit to an Iconic Brand.  And this place did not disappoint.  As a matter of fact, we might one day return.  For now, I can sit at my lap-top, plucking at the keys, with the sights, sounds and aromas of the Hard Rock Café faintly sauntering through my memory.

Many Safe Travels to Come!!





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