Just another Wisconsin Bar

Right before I began this entry, I did a search.  I was wondering what state had the most bars per capita, being pretty sure it was Wisconsin.  It wasn’t, one of the Dakotas apparently has more people who love taverns.  Yet, Wisconsin wasn’t far behind-third place to be exact. I bring this up because, during September, we came across an establishment that celebrates America’s Dairyland, being sort of a celebration of Wisconsin taverns.

You’ll have to pardon me on this one.  It’s been awhile since I’ve visited this place and, while the visit was memorable, whether it be from the beer or the distance in time, the memories are slightly hazy.  Actually, I recall a few things that stuck out.  What I absolutely remember was the feel of this place. Drink Wisconsinbly provides an atmosphere that can absolutely bond Wisconsinites.

So on with my Experience at Drink Wisconsinbly in Milwaukee…

We’re celebrating my birthday, and so far it’s been a fun day.  A great Brewers win, a raucous ride from the stadium and a salmon burger savored at a novel eatery are memories that will last, at least, till April.  Yet, the night is fairly young and we crave more.

So, as our hotel isn’t that far away, we decide to explore the Deer District.  The Deer District, as I discover, is a complex with many fun places to check out.  It resides in the shadows of the Fiserv Forum: home of the Milwaukee Bucks.  One particular place, in said building, sticks out  in my mind- being undoubtedly cool.  What’s best, it boasts  and celebrates attributes of our state-with corner tavern flavor.

I’ve heard about this place from other blogs, and their merchandise is very popular.  I probably don’t go a week without seeing a Drink Wisconsinbly T-shirt worn by someone. They actually have their own web site where you can purchase T-shirts, magnets, pint glasses and more.  Considering the establishment, and what they stand for, that rocks!.

Today, I’m going to see what all the hype is about.  When I enter, I love the feel of the place.  The place isn’t huge, but it’s decorated in a fun way.  As I peruse the decor, I find a stained glass lampshade with Sturgeon Bay, what was practically my home town, emblazoned on it. Along with that, I find tables scattered about, some have retro bar stools under them, as the bar lingers off in the corner.

I find myself a spot at the bar, where I can feast my eyes on a state triumph-the Green Bay Packers’ victory in Super Bowl XXXI.  As I watch Reggie White annihilate offensive lineman and devour the quarterback, I check out the drink list.

Here, they have fun with their drink names, many playing on qualities Wisconsinites would definitely recognize.   Among the list, I find a Laverne and Shirley Temple, a Bubbler Old Fashioned and a Manitowoc Manhattan.

Instead of a mixed drink, I go to my failsafe which would be a good craft beer.  To be precise, I choose an amber ale.  The beers on tap are  from instate breweries, as I prefer, many hailing from Milwaukee.   As an added bonus, Wisconsin bar favorites, such as pizzas, cheese curds and beef sticks are available for purchase.

Inside this establishment, there are plenty of novelties to keep the patron occupied.  Fun slogans, interesting books, memorabilia plus a down home feel make me feel cozy .  With that feeling wrapped around my being, it isn’t hard to start a random conversation with the man on the stool next to me.  That’s the way a Wisconsin bar should be, a place of community.  And I feel it here.

After a few beers, Heidi and I make it back to the hotel.  I have to say, the bar did not disappoint.  It was a fun place that took pride in it’s state, making any patron, whether your from Wisconsin or not, feel at home and maybe allow a chuckle or two.  As I think of it, the only thing more laid back and fun would have been a mid summer campfire.  Thanks Drink Wisonsinbly!

Many Safe Travels to Come!


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