Release at the Waterfront Bar & Grill

Call me careless, reckless, inconsiderate or a hypocrite, I don’t care.  I’ve just had my fill with this ‘Safer at Home’ order and, as the Wisconsin Supreme Court has declared the order unconstitutional, I was relieved it has ended.  Well, it’s sort of ended.  It’s pretty confusing right now.  Last Wednesday, when the ruling became official, people fled captivity into the alcoholic oasis of their choice-if only for a night.  I, on the other hand, had to wait until Thursday, since I worked till the late hours of Wednesday.  Yet, by that time, it was clear that we’re far from done with this Covid-19 dilemma.

I say this because, as local officials scrambled to provide order, many counties and municipalities are still enforcing the ‘Safer at Home’ order-although the time window between the supreme court decision and local government decrees allowed for pandemonium at the bars.  The local government’s reasoning for curtailing the mass openings:  guidelines were needed to ensure safety once people could venture out in public again.  Tomorrow,Wednesday May 20th, the State legislature is expected to issue regulations and a semblance of order.   This will give many desperate businesses a clearer picture of what is now expected.

So, I said a mouthful.  And rarely do I delve into current affairs, mainly because, as is the case now, I would just be regurgitating what I’ve read from other media outlets.  And those in the area already know these facts anyways.

What really, really matters is that I have a fresh blog topic.  As I’ve mentioned,not everything in the state is open.  As a matter of fact, all of Brown County, the county in which Green Bay resides, is closed till May 20th.  And I’m not too upset about that, mainly because we’ve had one of the biggest spikes in Covid-19 cases per capita in the nation.  Although it meant I would have to venture from my city.  But I do love a good road trip with Heidi, my trusty companion, by my side.

So on with my excursion to Kewaunee’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

We’re making the excursion from Green Bay down Hwy 29.  It’s been awhile since I’ve trekked this particular stretch of road, but it brings back memories.  The last time I traveled this scenic Highway, towards the shore of Lake Michigan, I said my final good-byes to a beloved uncle.  And, on a lighter note, picked up Donna.  No, I didn’t cheat on Heidi.  She was a Christmas tree, found at a tree farm, right along this Highway.   Heidi chose the tree, and I laid in the mud and sawed her from the earth.

But anyways, I’m way off track.  Long story short; originally we wanted  to go to the Annhapee Brewing Company in Algoma. However, despite an article I had read saying Kewaunee county businesses were open, Algoma is completely shuddered.  So we’re retreating back south, along Hwy 42, and headed into the small city of Kewaunee.

A good portion of Kewaunee is built on, and along, a hill that steeply slopes towards the shore of Lake Michigan.  The foot of the hill is bustling with fishing activity during summer.  And as we roll past a certain business that capitalizes on the sportsman that visit the town, we discover cars in its parkinglot.  The trip wasn’t for not and, after two very long months, I’m going to set foot in a bar!

The Waterfront Bar and Grill is really nothing special.  No offense, I meant that in the best way.  It simply sits on a flat piece of land, with windows that allow a modest glimpse of the lake. The interior is not some trendy or fashionable style.  Although, there is a style to it, a very comfortable style at that.  Let’s just call it Wisconsin local hangout flavor.  There’s worn carpeting, neon lights on plain walls, can coozies outlining thresholds, TV’s featuring sport documentaries and just a that vibe that says I’m in a local bar.

I’m basically a half an hour away from my home, to be at that local corner hangout…Sign of the times!

What’s really good about this place is that it’s not packed.  And really, social distancing can be observed.  Although if you plan on drinking beer and eating food, which everyone here definitely does, masks are not practical.  So, yeah we’re taking a risk.

But the way I see it, not living for of the fear of dying is wholly contradictory.  Don’t get me wrong, If I’m in a place where people absolutely need to go, I’ll wear a mask and observe the six foot rule.  I’ll do this in consideration of others.  Here, everyone is assuming the risk, and quite frankly, so am I.  So as cautious as we can be, we’re going to enjoy some good beer and grub.

The small beer list here is absolutely perfect for my taste.  And I’m talking about the things right on tap.  Here, in this little aluminum sided one story  building, they offer two of my favorite beers.  I can go into a hip and trendy place, sporting fifty taps, and not find that.  Pretty amazing, huh?

We order some Philly cheese steak wraps, and delicious beers to match.  The one novel thing, I found at this bar, was a very enterprising feature…Their glasses.  With a clever slogan printed at the top of the glass, it boasts advertisements for local buisnesses.  I ask the bartender if people paid to have their business on the glass, in which she responded with a nod.  I don’t know if such a thing works, but hell, it’s  a creative way to create a little extra revenue.

Oh.. the other feature that was novel was a small television inside the restroom.  Although, I fear a man with a few too many beers, and being captivated by what’s on the screen, just might ruin his neighbors shoes.

The service is excellent and our food arrives in a very timely fashion.  It’s also delicious.

I totally enjoyed The Waterfront Bar and Grill and, given the situation, will probably remember the visit for a long while.  It was the day my government imposed grounding sort of came to an end.  By tommorrow, my options will become much better…I hope.

And dare I say it…Safe Travels!!





4 responses to “Release at the Waterfront Bar & Grill”

  1. Hey Chris, no judgement here. I think that as adults we each need to make informed decisions about what is best for us. I agree that when in places where you may have contact with those who are not comfortable then wear a mask and keep your distance. I’m happy that you got to get out for a drink and dinner. Sounds like a nice place.

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  2. Too bad things didn’t go as you originally stated…that is not having Brown County open for 6 days while an alternative plan was put in place. Instead no 6 day stay, no plan and in some bars people just crowded in. I understand your frustration but if one joker in that crowded bar is a carrier he/she has potentially infected a lot of people and well…you do the math. I’m in the vulnerable population so thanks for wearing your mask when you are in places where we might cross paths ( grocery, pharmacy) but having a beer in a local pub seems like a dumb trade off for health. PS: Glad your bar wasn’t crowded. Good luck, stay healthy.

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    • I appreciate your reply, and I understand your concern. And believe me, I do not want to pass anything on to anyone vulnerable. I just want to live while I can.


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