A Brief Hiatus at a Couple of Door County Craft Beer Hangouts

This weekend was kind of different, especially considering it was Memorial Day weekend.  You see, I live in Wisconsin and, while the state supreme court declared my state open for business, not every establishment is operating at this moment.  Even if open places were spotty, there were enough quality  hangouts for  this week’s entry.

As seems to be the case lately, these two places involved food and drink.  This time, I chose Door County for the backdrop.  The Peninsula is a very popular and traditional summer haven for regional tourists.  So, naturally, there’s some great places to hang out in Door County; a New England like landscape- named after a harrowing Lake Michigan corridor known as ‘Death’s Door’.

So on with my relaxing time at a couple of Egg Harbor craft beer locations…

It has been a fun day so far and, as we’re returning from an excursion in Peninsula State Park, we’re craving more of  this absolutely perfect weather.  Today, Friday, is probably the best afternoon of a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend.  Temps in the seventies, light winds and low humidity are the factors begging me to lounge on a patio; with a beer in my hand of course.

So, as our first choice is well established, having opened its doors in 1997, there’s no need to google or ask a local; I know where Shipwrecked Brew Pub is.  What I didn’t know, as I cross it’s threshold, is that the appearance can wow, yet dampen my spirits all the same.    Basically, it emulates many brew pub beer halls I’ve seen.  While it looks absolutely classy, hip and awesome, there is something that kills it.  All the aesthetics, while looking cool as hell, are just the fashionable usual.  So, that unique touch that gives a place it’s own personality is lost.  It’s just another place that has a fairly decent beer list and offers food.  But its what people look for these days, so I guess it’ll work.

We peruse the beer list as we sit on their small patio.  The business sits on a Y intersection, allowing  one to watch passers by on three sides of this no frills wood deck.  This outdoor area also allows a slight glimpse of the Harbor and Harbor View Park.  We enjoy a beer sampler; four 3.5 ounce beers for seven dollars, and peruse the menu.  The food is slightly pricier than my usual haunts in Green Bay.  Yet, we’re in Northern Door County, that’s just the nature of the beast.

We find something that interests us and decide to try their smoked drumsticks.  The price tag is ten dollars for, what will turn out to be, some absolutely scrumptious poultry. Along with that, we order a couple pints of ‘run of the mill’ sounding craft beer staples.  The price for the beers is five dollars, which is actually really reasonable.  We eat, drink and soak up the sun.  I’m not totally disappointed, I just wish there was a more memorable interior at this establishment.

In short; Shipwrecked Brew Pub is a classy and trendy eatery, with a patio encompassed by a lively setting.  Their second floor dining hall begs for large gatherings, as giant windows allow fresh air to circulate this spacious room.  A bar on the first floor, tucked on the far wall of another expansive dining area, incites chit chat. Topping it off, a small gift shop offers a small token of your visit.  Most importantly, the craft beer is respectable and the food, from what I tried, entices a second visit.

Needless to say, we’re satisfied as we leave, but we’re not done with our beer tour of Egg Harbor.

Our second stop is known is One Barrel Brewing Company.  I’m oblivious to the fact now, but will learn as I research, that One Barrel has more than one location in Wisconsin.  So, once again, a totally unique experience may fall by the wayside…  Or maybe not.  There is something novel about this place and, as we make the short stroll from Shipwrecked, its obvious before we set foot on the property.

This place has a vast tiered patio.  With brewpub benches set on concrete and Adirondack chairs fixed around firepits below, this large open aired setting has me stoked.  And this is the perfect day to do a little people watching and sunbathing.  With a good beer in my hand, this promises to be the main event of the day.

The beer is offered at, what I can best describe as, an order window.  This area, equipped with two bartenders, wraps around to a cool, sleek bar in the rectangular taproom.  But, like I said, its beautiful outside. We’re sitting somewhere on this ginormous patio.  The beer is pricy.  For a small plastic cup, we’re charged seven dollars.  From what I saw, the prices are consistent; no matter what the flavor or strength of the beer.

We find some Adirondack chairs comfortably placed on gravel, and blissfully sip our beers.  We also discover that the popular pizzeria, known as Wild Tomato, shares this property.  So, basically, you can relax in the sun, drink beer and savor some delicious pizza outdoors.  Pretty cool, huh?  An older gentleman brushes the final stroke of our masterpiece day of sun and fun.  He’s performing renditions of rock and country favorites, with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar.

To sum it up; One Barrel Brewing Company, allows for a sun splashed eat and drink experience.  Or, if the weather dictates, a beer enjoyed in a hip, stylish tap room.  Coupled with a pizzeria that shares the same property, the brewery’s expansive patio is great for just hanging out.

Our day in Door County, filled with invigorating panoramas and trendy places to relax, was very welcome this particular year.  There were scenic hikes, chances at breathtaking selfies and beer sipping in a setting of perfect weather. When nature and man combine to create the perfect reality hiatus, the blissful renderings can survive far into the future .

Safe Travels!





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