Stadium View Bar & Grill

When headed to a Packers, Gamblers, Blizzard or Phoenix game, Green Bay sports fans long to relish the experience. As these spectators take in the live action, some will hope that the event lasts for awhile- before returning to the usual grind. Maybe pre-game or post-game activities, involving food and drink, will top off a savory home team win.

Fact is, if you’re seeking adult refreshments and food, the Stadium District has plenty to offer. Three well known establishments, well known to Green Bay residents at least, reside within walking distance of Lambeau Field and the Resch Center. I decided to write an entry about my favorite.

Stadium View has been around for quite some time, and it’s always managed to stay hip and relevant- changing with the times sensibly and stylishly. On this past excursion, the beer list was suspect, being they didn’t have one. I believe its absence was due to the climate rendered by pandemic concerns. Whatever the case, we both found beers we could enjoy. Besides that, our past two visits were fun detours from our usual hangouts.

So on with my visits to Stadium View Sports Bar and Grill….

It’s Thursday May 21, and Green Bay is supposed to be open for business…but drinking places, actually serving customers, are kind of spotty. So, one must improvise. Some usual haunts will not suffice, mainly because they have yet to open their doors. And on our way to a usual brewery, we pass a lively scene.

Stadium View’s patio has jovial guests conversing with one another and letting loose. They do so over the din of a young man singing classic rock and country. The strings of an acoustic guitar reverberate through the pleasant afternoon, dancing through my open sunroof.

Hearing the invigorating sounds, I turn to my left and glance at the setting . As my eyes capture the images, I’m suddenly enticed to join the fun loving crowd. Not only is the patio open, but a new addition, one I particularly like, has customers perched upon its balcony; enjoying the performance taking place below.

It’s known as the Roof Top bar, but really it’s basically a second floor drinking area. It’s not huge, but has a hip ultra modern touch as plate glass windows, opposite the bar, allow a view of the Resch Center and Lambeau Field. The bar opens to a fairly small, but adequate, balcony. Along it’s safety rail, which overlooks that patio and stage below, a counter allows for food and drink while peering at live performances.

We settle comfortably on the stools and Immerse ourselves in the scene, drinking cans of Wisconsin Amber. We also have the choice of ordering food, but pass today.

Fast forward to the next Thursday.

It’s raining and we’re in search of a dining experience.

We decide on the super modern, trendy and hip sports bar portion of Stadium View. After we order, while we’re sipping some craft beers on tap, I check out the scene. To my right, as I gaze through glass garage doors and down Armed Forces drive, I can glimpse Lambeau Field poised in the distance. To my left, the circular bar is buzzing with fun seekers as a halo of TV’s above entertain lively guests.

On the walls, besides an array of televisions, LED bulletins and neon lights, nostalgia stirring photos highlight Wisconsin sports legends. The collection of Packers photos are probably the best I’ve seen in any Green Bay establishment. My favorite is a TIME magazine cover which features Reggie White and Brett Favre. The title reads ‘Small Town Heroes’

I guess I should mention their menu. It’s the usual Green Bay area hangout selection. There’s sandwiches, pizzas, flatbreads…well, you get the picture. I have to say, although I didn’t try them, I was glad to see burgers hailing the names Blizzard and Gambler. The little guys should get their just due. And when the food arrives, it’s just as good as any other place in Green Bay-the prices being competitive with comparable Title Town hangouts.

In Closing: Stadium View Sports Bar and Grill is a modern, chic, and trendy spot in the heart of Green Bay’s Stadium District. Its patio and Roof Top bar, accompanied by a soundstage, allows for some serious fun. The food is Quality and there is a big enough beer and liquor selection to appease any alcohol enthusiast. If the weather sucks, you’re in Green Bay-it will sooner or later, head on into the Sports Bar, take in the live action on a plethora of large flat screens and savor some delicious grub!

Safe Travels!

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