A Little Downtime at Fox Harbor

It’s gaining on summer, and it’s probably going to be a weird one, or not, who knows at this point? Lately, Some places I’ve visited suggest the norm. There’s people hanging out on many evenings, enjoying the sunshine and indulging in food and drink. And after a hard week of labor and stress, don’t we deserve that? Or should we be conned into feeling guilty or stupid because we express our desire to live freely in the ‘Land of the Free’? I’m done with all of the garbage.

So, instead of staying home and disinfecting the crap out of my home, I took in an experience I particularly enjoy; A summerlike eve of dining at Fox Harbor. Fox Harbor is located in the downtown portion of Green Bay, along Washington Street and overlooking the Fox River. The Fox River Trail, a paved route among the channel’s manicured grassy banks, leads to the restaurant. You can also tie your boat up at one of their boat slips. And, Of course, the easiest way to get there is by automobile, and usually there is plenty of street parking available-the restaurant also has a small side lot.

Their food isn’t exorbitantly priced, and is very good.

So, on with my evening of Dining at Fox Harbor Pub and Grill.

It’s the end of a humid mid June day, where temps peaked in the high eighties. Now, as the heat subsides, it’s perfect weather for some outdoor dining. And being as it’s Thursday, the prospects of Fox Harbor’s patio being packed seems unlikely.

However, as Heidi and I arrive, I find I’m horribly mistaken. The old brick hotel, turned eatery, is buzzing with people. We cling to hope as we reach their concrete patio, enclosed with, what appears to be, wrought iron fencing. Yet, when we arrive, we see groups hovering around the center of the patio, waiting to pounce on a table once it’s vacated. There is no hostess or estimated wait time. The patio’s availability is simply first come first serve. There’s little chance at dining outdoors tonight, even the outdoor bar, which in essence resides in a bit of a lean-to, is packed with drinkers.

Heidi and I resign from the hopes of claiming a table and, instead, chance their very cool dining room. Here, a room of old-fashioned wood floorboards, with ancient brick walls rising from them, envelop us in an air of class and style. Not to mention, a TV depicting sporting events is available no matter what seat you choose in the dining room. This inner portion is also graced with a sizable bar.

We choose a table parked right next to large plate glass windows, stealing a view of the patio. At least we can feel the comfortable temps of the dining room and view what’s happening outside. While we check out our surroundings, a waitress delivers menus and drink lists to our table.

The drink list isn’t stunning. There’s domestics, a handful of imports and enough craft beers to offer an acceptable choice-wines are also available. However, their menu is damn good. And I find a wrap that I have yet to see in any other Green Bay hangout. It’s known as a smoked brisket wrap. I’m psyched because I love brisket, and this combination sounds delicious. I also have a choice of sides which, at a price of eleven dollars, is fairly reasonable.

When the food arrives, I’m not disappointed. And as I sip my beer and devour this scrumptious wrap, I enjoy the sights taking place outdoors and a kickboxing match on the television. Christ, my heart is content!

We leave with an above satisfactory visit to a very stylish place serving some delicious down home Green Bay grub. I love it!

To sum it up; Fox Harbor Pub and Grill is a stylish and classy spot, residing in what once was an old brick hotel, situated on the Fox River’s east bank. The small patio and bar allow for outdoor dining and drinking, with the bustle of downtown Green Bay and the maritime activity of the Fox to accompany the experience. The menu is classic Americana, with twists that will delight the adventurous diner. The sizable beer list of domestics, with some craft brews and imports sprinkled in, is satisfactory. Whether you arrive by boat, the Fox River Trail or simply by automobile, this certainly will be regarded as a highlight of your excursion.

Safe Travels!

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