Brewery Patios in Titletown

Here in the land of gritty grid iron play, summer is a fairly short season. Yet, despite Green Bay’s reputation as a frozen norse locale, warmer temps last long enough to make substantial backyard memories. And seeing how local breweries are hotspots for many men and women, I figured I’d write a post on their patios.

Every brewery in Green Bay has an outdoor patio, deck or beer garden, and I’ve ranked them. Keep in mind, it’s my taste alone, and what I value. So it’s subjective…very subjective. If anything, you’ll know what to expect when heading out to a place you’ve found on TripAdvisor, Yelp, or any other aid that is navigating you through this great city of mine.

So on with Chris’ rankings of Green Bay brewery patios

#7 Noble Roots

Of all the breweries in Green Bay, I visit Noble Roots the least. The reason being, their beers are slightly too adventurous for me. They infuse some wild elements into their amber, which is my go to in any new establishment. Their patio isn’t horrible, but it’s enclosed with tall wood fencing that impedes any view. I kind of feel like a caged animal, surrounded by concrete and wood.

What saves this place is the taproom’s atmosphere. When the glass paneled garage door is open, considering how small their tiny indoor facility is, you feel like you’re outdoors in a trendy and stylish drinking establishment. So not horrible…actually kind of cool- if you like small, out of your way places.

#6 Hinterland Brewery

Some may say, “Are you nuts?!” for ranking Hinterland so low. Hear me out.

True, the location is second to none. I mean, you’re literally in the Shadows of Lambeau field. And they also offer their full menu outdoors. However, of the brew pubs in Green Bay, they are by far the priciest. Not only are the food prices astronomical, as they take advantage of their residence in the Titletown district, their beer follows suit. The beer is definitely good, heck it’s fantastic. But I believe the last time I was there I spent $8 on a 10 oz IPA. Yikes!

My final reason for my low rating is that there really is no character to the place. It’s set in an amazing building, kind of elegant. But there is nothing there that says, we’re proud of what we built here and want to share our personalities with you. It simply has that bland corporate vibe I detest. I want local. And this place simply knows that it resides in the best locale in town, and cashes in on that simple fact.

#5 Stillmank Brewery

I have to say, I love Stillmank’s Character. I also love their beers. Their Jalapeno blonde is unique in Green Bay’s brewery scene. With a genuinely industrial building and a small intimate taproom, this place won me over the minute I first walked in their doors.

Stillmank’s patio isn’t bad, actually it’s cool for as small as it is. I love the rock flats surface, its definitely another unique touch-at least in Green Bay. However, it’s location could definitely be better. It sits across from a used car lot, the rest of it’s neighbors having the appearance of warehouses and the like.

But I love their service and vibe. The patio certainly has neighborly appeal, a flash of style combined with small town grit, that makes we want to return.

#4 Copper State Brewing Company.

Copper State Brewing Company is set in a historic brick industrial building. Their patio follows suit, with a skeletal structure surrounding long pub-style benches. The patio is simply built on to the blacktop of the brewpub’s parking lot. So it has that small town urban feel. With a view of downtown Green Bay, the best amber in town and a waitstaff that are ready to serve a full menu, this patio definitely has a style and ambiance I can appreciate.

#3 Zambaldi Beer

Zambaldi Beer is the newcomer to the Green Bay craft brewery scene. Their Patio was put in this year, and it screams relaxation. Although set along the busy Webster Ave, there’s a feeling of serenity as you plop yourself in an Adirondack chair and overlook the lush green of the neighboring cemetery. Picnic tables also offer a small group a chance to mingle. I place this setting so high because it bolsters that one thing I think so many crave on a stressful day; peace and quiet in an informally stylish atmosphere.

Also, on select days, food trucks hang out in the parking lot, allowing for some good food to compliment Zambaldi’s excellent beer choices.

#2 Badger State Brewing Companys Beer Garden

The last two are really tough to rank. My girlfriend has them flip-flopped. Yet, I rank them on personal taste, though both are really cool.

If you’re looking for a relaxing backyard feel that can also incite a party vibe, Badger State’s grassy expanse is for you. This sizeable beer garden, bordered with airbrushed murals and a tall wood fence, has a vibrant summery feel. Peeking above the wood fence, the stadium district’s venues put an exclamation point on this statement of Wisconsin fun. Lambeau field’s Giant Packer logo assures one that, indeed, they are savoring beer in a setting fit for lively gatherings.

Fit with rustic spools, to retro restaurant tall chairs to comfortable Adirondack seating around firepits, this brilliant courtyard may have only one drawback. It’s set in a rather sparsely inhabited commercial/industrial area. It kind of stands by itself in a sea of asphalt and large grassy lots. Yet, the warehouse structure of the brewery seems to fit in with the area and lends a true-blue industrial vibe.

#1 Titletown Brewing Company’s Roof Top patio

Right now, on select brews, the rooftop is offering $2 pints. And I do feel, even if this particular place is feeling the pinch of competition, that their beers are damn good.

When looking around during our last visit, immediately Heidi criticizes me for picking this place as number 1. While at Hinterland Brewery, I had gone on a rant about the patio’s boring metal seating being without character. As we check out the furniture on this patio, it’s much of the same.

But hold on, there’s something that saves it. The rooftop bar has a glass paneled garage door that allows the rustically stylish vibe to carry on to the patio. Plus, really nothing beats overlooking downtown a few stories from the ground. Whether it be during the day, when the courthouse dome, church steeples and the Louis Frigo bridge are within sight, or after the sun has dropped and the lights of the Walnut and Main Street bridges highlight a modest skyline of lit buildings, the view cannot be topped in Packerland. As the glow of the depot’s clocktower gives this historic downtown a 19th century twist, on a warm comfortable night, with Titletown’s smokestack rising above the patio, there’s a kindling of an ambiance unrivaled in Green Bay.

And that’s my ranking of Green Bay brewery patios. Like I said,it’s subjective. I’m sure if you came for a Packer game, Hinterland Brewery might be your chosen spot…to each his own. My hope is that I have enlightened you as to which patio might suit you. Oh, and by the way, a short trek on 41 north will take you too Anahpee brewery. It’s not quite ready for business yet, but is sure to be another great addition to the fun brewery scene in My beloved city!

Safe Travels!

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