My Summer Experiences in the Upper Midwest

I decided that, despite the obstacles of this rather unique year, I’d recap my Summer and early Autumn adventures. I guess, beyond the pandemic scare and political melee, it was a fairly normal year-if not a bit restricted. But, my trusty companion and I pressed on, and we lived life the way we wanted. Isn’t that the way it should be? After all, you only get one shot at life.

Enough with the personal views, which I try to include in my retrospectives. I want to show you what the upper Midwest has to offer. Here in the Great Lakes region, there’s plenty of fun from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This year, considering many summer exploits were lacking, I included some entries posted just after the fall equinox. Anyhoo..here’s my tales.

Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo Wisconsin

On a late August day, the scorching sun burdened Heidi and myself. So, we journeyed towards a sacred lake and, with its spiritual lore passed on from the aboriginal Wisconsinites, cooled off in its clear, mythical waters. The beach going fun, geological attributes and accessibility made this park a clear winner. When you consider these points, and add the fact that its close to Wisconsin Dells and Circus World, its no wonder why Devil’s Lake is the most visited state park in Badger Land.

For a more detailed account, Click on Hanging Out on a Hot Day in Baraboo .

The Mall of America

Man, retail has been around forever! If you’re a Christian, you’ll remember the story of an angered Jesus, who ranted to vendors selling sacrifices in the Temple of Jerusalem. Today, progressing from the ancient markets, online shopping has become the latest step in the retail evolution.

But remember the eighties? Giant multi-story buildings, or those with layouts large enough to hold professional sporting events, boasted every possible store known to man. It was the ultimate in hip and trendy, being the teenager’s choice to chill on nights and weekends. I’m talking about the shopping mall of course.

And though Amazon has put a strangle hold on brick and mortar retailers, the Mall of America survives as not only a testament of that era; its an Iconic Mecca for those who love to peruse stores. Couple that with aquatic animals, a seven acre theme park, mini golf and whole lot more, the Mall of America is an ideal spot for a family vacation.

To learn more, click on A Lap Around the Mall of America.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

I’m going to include two highlights pulled from the same blog, the first being an excellent place for expeditious outdoor enthusiasts. Or, if your not as mobile, there are some attractions that can accommodate you as well. In my overview, I’ll mention some invigorating attributes of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Let’s start off with prodigious sandstone cliffs, ones that border Lake Superior’s turquois waters. I’ll follow that up with water tumbling over tiers of rock, rustic woodlands as its setting. Finally, I’ll include attractive cream colored beaches, both remote and accessible. All of this is a backdrop to the abundant wildlife that roams about. Yes, Pictured Rocks can captivate your soul.

You can hike to a waterfall, maybe visit chapel rock. You could also hop on a Pictured Rocks Cruises ship and enjoy miles of inspiring rock formations, decorated with an array of colors triggered by minerals from seeping groundwater. Hiking, paddling, camping and casual sightseeing are all available in this US government preserve.

Munising Mountain Bike Park

Being from Northeastern Wisconsin, I don’t get to ride a lot of trails with elevation. That’s a little different in Munising, Michigan. This place is set on a substantial hill, the arduous ascents left me delightfully breathless. The descents thrilled me like no other ride had, being that much of the uphill and downhill treks rode a ridge. The best word to sum up the experience would be exhilaration.

You can read about these two highlights and more in my blog The Pristine Natural Attractions that Surround Munising, Michigan

The George Floyd Memorial

Finally, I’ll mention a sight significant to our national community, as diverse as it may be. As much as I try to ignore the media, I’ll highlight one of its top stories of 2020. A policeman’s hideous actions were publicly condemned here. Set in a Minneapolis suburb, the George Floyd Memorial, a commonplace intersection with humble adornments, made me realize that life, no matter where you hail from, what you do or what race or creed you claim is the most sacred blessing on this earth. I didn’t feel hostility, instead, I felt a community in which all mankind could share.

My sentiments are articulated in my blog My Thoughts on the George Floyd Memorial

And with those thoughts, I’d like to conclude this post. I truly feel these places are worth a visit, I wouldn’t post them if I didn’t. Maybe I’ve piqued some interest within your adventure craving mind. Maybe not. Whatever it is that you desire in life, I sincerely hope you pursue it. Whatever you consider adventurous or fun, may you experience it fully. Time’s currents never stop flowing, I hope you grasp life with both hands and make it yours!

Safe Travels!

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