Titletown District’s Winter Jubilee.

I’ve heard, through television and books, that Christmas was once celebrated as a raucous festival. I believe that type of celebration occurred during medieval times, and continued right up to the Victorian Era. I often wondered, what would I think if I could travel time and witness those drunken affairs? I bring this up because, while it’s definitely not a drunken party, the Winter Jubilee Lightshow incurs a festive vibe-along with the other activities available at the Titletown District. It’s hard to suppress a jovial grin while frolicking the fashionable grounds.

We didn’t really plan to go to the lightshow and traipse the grounds. But, as the people buzzed in the ice rink and happily strode the district, I was glad we did. Heidi and I were surrounded with warmth and cheer. I have to say, it was a mood that simmered in my being for a good many days.

Here’s my festive experience at the Titletown District

We’re returning from an excellent dining experience, driving through Green Bay’s stadium district. That’s when an enthusiastic Heidi remarks, “Ooh, look at the tree in front of Lambeau Field!” I immediately turn the car around, thinking it’d be cool to get an up close view of the mammoth evergreen in lights.

We snap a few pictures. The statue of the Packers’ founder, Earl ‘Curly’ Lambeau, was included in a few. I’m not sure why, but even Curly’s sporting a mask. I guess the man continues to display leadership, even if he has passed on many decades ago.

When we hop back in our SUV, curling around Lambeau Field’s massive Parking lot, we discover that the small west lot is full of cars. Heidi asks, “What’s going on? Why are all of these parked here?”

I shrug, and unmindfully make a half hearted guess, “Maybe it’s overflow from the people skating and sledding in the Titletown district.”
“There wouldn’t be this many cars,” Heidi scolds.

“I don’t know,” I shrug, but can sense Heidi’s enthusiasm. Her inner child is on the cusp of a Christmas time discovery.

“Maybe it’s the light show!” Her gasp indicates, if she’s right, I’m going to have to sit through some variety of entertainment. I hope it doesn’t last too long.

I survey a group comfortably lounged in camp chairs. I roll down the driver’s side window, asking, “What’s going on here?” Hoping their answer is something like, ‘We Just wanted to mock tailgate, since spectators can’t watch the games.’ I know this is highly unlikely, because there’s no game tonight.

Instead their answer confirms my fear. “We’re here for the light show.”

I slump and park the car. The passenger’s side faces Lambeau Field’s massive brick and steel facade. The light show is pretty cool and pretty short. It’s basically animated images, borrowing the likeness of Polar Express and other pop culture icons, projected on the side of the stadium. When it ends, thunderous reverberations shake our vehicle, as a finale of fireworks rocket through the cold night.

This show, which lasts a matter of minutes, happens every half an hour-from 6-9 pm until Dec 30th. Along with the syncronous music that can be found on a local radio station, the images entice a few more festive endeavors.

So, we stroll over towards the Titletown District. It’s right across the road. Tonight, Arien’s hill is only partially covered with snow. Of course, taking that into account, there are no sledders venturing this tummy tickling drop.

However, as we saunter along spellbinding rows of illuminated trees, enjoying the swell of an effervescent congregation of humanity, we discover the charming skating rink is packed full of youthful hearts. Their jubilant utterances waft through the air and settle in the souls of passersby. (A little 19th century prose for the Christmas purists.)

In all seriousness, the skaters’ exhuberance sets the mood in this portion of the park. I literally can sense their excitement.

As we stroll further, we discover the bustle of youths exploring the playground and playing on the full sized football field. Those who might have questioned my intro, wondering how Christmas festivals fits with a holiday light show, this is what I mean. A community is playing alongside one another, gawking at lights, adults may stop at hinterland brewery or the Tavern in the Sky while the kids play. There is security here, and , for the most part, this is a collection of souls communing together, in a day and age of devisive social media outlets, simply enjoying this winter time extravaganza.

Heidi and I use the backdrop of a lighted evergreen for a Christmas card photo, at least we intend it to be a Christmas card photo. We then leave the jovial mass of humanity behind. Of course, before we do, I get a few more stills of the lightshow, using the vantage of the skating rink.

The Titletown district is a relatively safe place to enjoy winter fun and ingest some holiday cheer. There are places to grab a beer, a sledding hill, a skating rink and other fun activities to enjoy. We simply immersed ourselves in the atmosphere, and ended up in a better mood because of it.

Safe Travels!

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