A Look Back at 2020

I’m going to start my retrospective off with a short rant. Pardon my personal views, I just want to let loose for a second.

I’ll admit, I’m growing tired of hearing how historic, horrible or weird 2020 was. I get it, there was a pandemic wreaking havoc most of the year. People died, and that is tragic, and I absolutely mean it’s tragic. Every life passed is the end of one person’s entire world. However, our ancestors, remember those people? – ones that gave us life and brought this nation from weariness to prominence many times over, have endured exponentially worse trials than the majority of today’s American populous.

1861-1865 hosted the Civil War – need I say more? Here in Northeastern Wisconsin, 1871 saw a fire that claimed entire towns, causing hundreds of deaths and leaving even more homeless. Let’s not forget 1941, where every young, able-bodied American male was called into service- expected to face the Nazi war machine or the Japanese empire. Rewind to the Great Depression- people lost their jobs and homes, migrating from farm to farm in search of Jobs.

Our dilemma, for most Americans, consisted of wearing a mask, washing our hands( which I really hope you’ve been doing all of your life anyways), giving each other plenty of personal space and facing the inconvenience of being discouraged from attending social events, drinking in bars and dining in restaurants. I’ll take that over having the entirety of my earthly possessions consumed by flames any day.

So with that being said, I tried to ignore the hub-bub, obey the law and live my life. This a recount of a year curtailed by a virus that scared many into hiding in their homes. Sorry, I can’t let something like that dictate my life, I get it if you do. You have every right to take as many precautions as you feel necessary. I just hope you recognize my right to live life to the fullest.

My five favorite endeavors from 2020….

Devil’s Lake State Park

My first recollection hails from the throws of summer. A hot day warranted the cooling of spiritual waters. Add some very cool geological attributes and Devil’s Lake State Park is an attraction worth discovering, no matter the weather. It is, after all, Badgerland’s most visited and largest State Park.

Here’s my account of a beautiful preserve Hanging Out on a Hot Day in Baraboo.

Kettle Moraine State Forest

My second memory is spurred by the ultimate in soothing and exhilarating emotions; escape. We were escaping a stay at home order by taking advantage of the reopening of state parks. Once again, as was the case with Devil’s Lake, glaciation lent a hand to the landscape. What those giant sheets of Ice rendered is worth an up close and personal gander.

Here’s My recollection of Kettle Moraine State Forest .Kettle Moraine State Forest – the results of glacial drift.

Checking out color at Rib Mountain

Much of Wisconsin’s landscape consists of gently rolling farmland. In Wausau, an anomaly exists. Two hills, one known as Rib Mountain and the other titled Mosinee Hill, dominate the landscape. Although some Dairyland areas boast a few prodigious mounds of earth and rock, Rib Mountain rises higher among its surrounding terrain than any other. This provides ample opportunities to catch a breath taking autumn spread from its crest. Despite a windy day, Heidi and I marveled at nature’s murals from this chunk of quartzite.

You can check out our adventure with this link. Taking in Fall Colors atop Rib Mountain

The Hollow at Phantom Lake

When the days grow shorter and the air endows a chill, spirits from the netherworld return to their point of origin – the earth. At least, that’s the fun tales we tell when Halloween approaches. Along with the holiday, many people celebrate by attending fun settings. Many will venture a haunted house for a good cause. Some visit those activity filled pumpkin patches, which definitely appeal to younger children. And, as I guess its really not Halloween themed, corn mazes abound in this area.

This year -Heidi and I discovered something quite unique, although we did have to travel two hours for the experience. Set in a wooded YMCA camp, one thousand hand carved Jack-O’ Lantern’s do more than line your path, they form dazzling glowing sculptures and lurk in forests every where you turn. The hosts, all volunteers, many who have lent their artistic skills, play good-natured specters expertly.

Check this link out for more Venturing the Hollow at Phantom Lake

Munising, Michigan and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Munising, Michigan is an outdoor playground. To Cliche? Yeah, I guess, but hear me out. The town rests at the western border of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore; a pristine wilderness that boasts cream colored beaches, captivating waterfalls and its premier attraction, standing in opposition to Lake Superior’s brute force, naturally painted sandstone cliffs that stretch towards the sky. I didn’t even mention the neighboring Grand Island or, as an added bonus, the woodlands of Hiawatha National Forest.

Hiking, biking, paddling and other expeditions are no-brainers when visiting this area. Boat tours of the prodigious cliffs also lie in wait. Or you could venture Munising Bay in search of shipwrecks. Add a budding dining and drinking scene, and Munising can provide countless memories.

Check this link out for more The Pristine Natural Attractions that Surround Munising, Michigan

I hope everyone has an excellent 2021

Those were my favorite memories of the past year. I admit, recounting them was a fantastic time voyage. I hope next year’s excursions provide more jocular and invigorating posts. You don’t find my posts invigorating? Well, how about this?…I hope 2021 provides me ample writing material, material that renders good reads for those who care to glimpse my work.

Safe Travels!

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