Ringing in 2021

The mention of New Year’s Eve conjures visions of haughty celebrations, many involving alcohol. Another vision, almost synonymous with the holiday itself, is the ball drop at Times Square. New Yorkers have witnessed this jovial occurrence since 1907. But before 1907, starting in 1904, when two-hundred thousand people filled the square, fireworks were the attraction in the city. Which, in a very roundabout way, brings me to my own reflections of this past New Year’s Eve. I decided to write about it, because I’m sure it will, in all likelihood, happen the next time we ring in the new year. I’m writing about a firework highlighted celebration at the Titletown District, which ushered in 2021.

The Titletown District is not that old, so the traditional appeal is lacking. But hey, it’s a fireworks show, and a fun festive outdoor event. I know, Green Bay, in the dead of winter, in the darkness of the late night hours, doesn’t sound that appealing. Ahh…but it was. Bundle up, and bring your hand and foot warmers, we’re about to bring in the New Year among the frozen tundra!

Here’s a New Year’s celebration in the Frozen Norse….

We’ve returned from our New Year’s eve meal. Now, we’re thirsting for more. And seeing how we’re not going to be tucked in a cozy eatery anymore, Heidi and I are throwing on layers for the fireworks show. It’s the only proper thing to do, except sitting snugly on the sofa and watching other people celebrate. This year, I’ve decide there will be plenty of that later in life. We’re going to experience some festive fun tonight.

So we head off towards the Titletown District. When we arrive, finding a fairly stuffed parking area, we take advantage of a spot away from the action.

Before we head outdoors, we find a bar and restaurant known as The Turn Cafeteria. I’ve written other posts on the Titletown District, however, I’ve omitted this particular establishment until now. The Turn, along with other spots in this budding Green Bay gathering place, offers fun and relaxation.

What separates The Turn from the other places is its simulators. These are some fun life-sized interactive video games. From golf to hockey and baseball to bowling, you can see how you measure up against others in these particular sports. We didn’t get a shot at playing any, being that it was New Year’s Eve and the place was pretty packed. I have to say, that aside from their main attractions, that being their simulators, The Turn offers the best variety of craft beer in the district. Of course, Hinterland Brewery offers their own concoctions, but The Turn offers more choices. Either are great options for craft beer.

After we sip on a beer, sorry I can’t give you my opinion on their menu-we had already dined, we throw our jackets on and venture the frigid December, very close to becoming January, night.

There’s not a swarm in the district center, but a decent number of mirthful hearts have come to send off 2020. Outdoors, amid winter activities and delightful ice sculptures, an enchanting holiday scene is bolstered with classy lighting. Although, and excuse me if I sound old, a DJ from a popular local radio station is playing unrecognizable music. But, Eh, I’m old.

The DJ is building up towards the ‘final countdown’ (Cue the Europe music). At intervals, he announces how much longer we have to endure 2020. ..and yes, he really played the song from the band Europe. Anyways, we have less than ten minutes before the new year arrives.

Even if I had bundled up, the chill has set in. So, we locate some warmly radiant heaters nearby. There’s actually quite a few scattered about on the concrete, and much of the crowd is congregated around them….including Heidi and myself.

Here’s Heidi warming her fingers, she didn’t bother to take a picture of me! Uggh!

However, when there’s a minute left, we walk around the DJ stand. Here, from this spot, I can see Lambeau Field. On this historic stadium’s facade, time ticks down via a giant projection. And after I shout 2020’s waning seconds into the frozen night, fireworks, rocketing from the venue, mark 2021’s arrival.

Auld Lang Syne courses through the air, as people cheer over the firework’s explosions. We watch the very brief display, and then, and I hate to be a party pooper, we briskly stride towards the car. Usually I wouldn’t be in such a hurry, seeing how the DJ is playing Wisconsin’s adopted state song – Jump Around. That’s a joke, Wisconsin’s real state song is On Wisconsin. But anyone from Badgerland will understand. Back to my point, if I jump around tonight, frozen digits might fall off.

There’s a picture of me…Heidi’s actually better looking. So next time I’ll stick with photo’s of her.

As we find our car after a lengthy walk, I realize that 2021’s entrance was practically flawless. A possible omen? Let’s hope so. With that, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Good luck in 2021!

Safe Travels!

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