Giving ‘Jimmy Seas’ a Whirl

Green Bay is situated at the southern tip of a large bay. So, as you might imagine, as this bay belongs to the Great Lake known as Michigan, local freshwater fish abound on Green Bay area menus. But here’s the deal; recently, I’ve been craving true seafood. You know, lobster, crab, halibut; things like that. So, while googling seafood restaurants, Jimmy Seas was high on the list. I had hoped it would quell those cravings.

I have to admit, searching for a true seafood place is harder than I thought. And though Jimmy Seas was decent, the menu options would be better stated as American cuisine. There were some choices, involving seafood, like Mahi Mahi tacos and the like. But as for a true blue seafood menu, I didn’t see it.

So on with our late dinner at Jimmy Seas

As we drive down Riverside Drive, Heidi’s mad at me. That’s because, as it’s around seven now, I had devoured a full meal at about five o’clock. I simply couldn’t help it. I cooked a pork tenderloin to perfection. If you throw in some potatoes, that’s a great midwestern home cooked meal. Heidi’s yet to forgive me. I hope Jimmy Seas will changer her mind.

When we reach the turn, I’m at a loss. We’re riding a road that runs along the fox river, and I don’t see any establishments off to the left – which is where Heidi’s GPS is guiding me. However, I’m trusting technology and find myself descending a small, but pretty darn steep, hill onto marine street. This river bank road plays host to a curious cluster of buildings. And when we take a left, we set eyes on an interesting eatery.

When I gather a good view of the building, even if I surmise the lighted sign proclaiming ‘Jimmy Seas’, I’m wondering if this is the right place. Front and center, through windows of clear glass, I peer into a show room of sorts. It’s not large, but the vintage vehicles inside are pretty inspiring. I see a Porsche, a few muscle cars and sports bikes carefully placed in this lighted garage. There are no entrances into this flashy spot, at least none that I see. Still it’s kind of novel and cool.

Crossing the threshold of the restaurant is a treat. Stained wood greets my eyes as colorful walls give life and class to this eatery. We’re immediately seated in a cozy booth. It’s one in a series of booths, tucked along a wall adorned with large windows

A novel amenity on the table is the touch-lamp nestled near the window. Its moody glow seems to suggest an intimate night, yet I get a sense that the fashionable bar is accommodating a group of regulars tonight. There’s some pretty haughty laughter and razzing emanating from that spot. So, although the setting suggests quiet and cozy, waves of raucous shouts and cackles kill the mood.

Still, Heidi and I, overlooking a snow covered patio along the Fox River, engage in a spirited political debate…I think Heidi won. When our waiter arrives, I order a craft beer and Heidi chooses a bloody Mary. Amidst the political tension this week, we’re not done hashing out our differences.

Plus, I think Heidi’s a little peeved that I stuffed myself before going out tonight. So, when the waiter comes back, after Heidi orders a perch plate, I decide I’ll order an appetizer known as crab cake fritters. I figure if I order something small, at least I’ll have something to munch on while Heidi lambastes me for my political views.

When our food arrives, Heidi’s a bit disappointed. She claims the perch is a tad too greasy. I, on the other hand, who have never indulged in crab cake fritters, am savoring every delectably spicy bite. I guess the food depends on what you order. I’d give my food quality an A. Heidi, on the other hand, is opting for a C.

The din of the crowd kind of kills the atmosphere. Yet the aesthetics and subtle nuances make this place an inviting domain. I hope to visit this place another time. Maybe I’ll try a burger or, possibly, their Mahi Mahi tacos.

I’d like to mention that, as I’ve started this blog by complaining about the lack of seafood places in Green Bay, there are other alternatives. Some have more seafood choices on their menu. The problem, and this is a rather large hurtle, is the price. So, I’ve given you the rundown of a moderately priced option. Although, as it’s listed as a seafood joint on google, the claim is quite questionable.

Safe Travels!

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  1. Thanks for this review, Chris. We don’t go out to eat very often, and now, with Covid restrictions, not at all, but I would have to say that, here in the Chicago area, Bob Chinn’s has always been my favorite seafood restaurant. I hope it’s still there when things return to somewhat normal.

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