Getting a Beer at D2 Sports Pub

Green Bay’s downtown isn’t the area’s most economically robust section. Instead, you would have to venture towards the Southwest side of town, amidst the village of Ashwaubenon. There, in this bustling community of commerce, straddling both the village and the city of Green Bay, lies a collection of large venues. There’s three to be exact: Lambeau field, the Resch Center and the Resch Expo (The latter is just being finished and has yet to hold an event) Needless to say, a good bar in the area makes sense. And though I’ve visited many in this niche, I hadn’t been to D2 Sports Pub. So I decided to make a trek along Armed Forces Drive and see what they had to offer.

I usually write my entries with a few lead in paragraphs, then I give a first person account of my experience. The fact is, this time, the bar is so small, ordinary and actually, to be honest, lacking essentials that make me want to visit, I’m just going to skip that.

I’ll start with this, and this may be why there’s a bad taste in my mouth. We entered an inspiring joint. And it was nice, actually pretty classy. There were circular tables sporting fun Packer and beer logos scattered about in this area. I counted at least three separate bars, and a large statue of Captain Morgan made landfall in a corner. There was one huge problem, the place was totally vacant. Absolutely nothing was going on, and it was around 8:30 on a Friday night. So, I’m guessing it’s reserved for events in the area.

Adjoined to this classy area, was a hipper drinking space. First off, I’ll start with the plusses. It’s clean, the hired hands were friendly and the music was acceptable, not great, but I’m old, and half the clientele looked as if the they celebrated their 21st birthday a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong, there were some people my age, I’d count around ten.

You may point to that reason and say, “Aha! That’s why you didn’t like it Chris!” Truth be told, there were tons of other reasons. When I scanned my surroundings, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the decor seemed a bit disjointed. There was a stained wood wall in one portion, an enormous and obnoxious energy drink banner above it, a mass of metal framing along a metal roof overhead and curious looking pendant lighting strung from the rudimentary ceiling. I don’t know…Maybe it’s a new, hip thing, but I just wasn’t buying it. There were plenty of TVs showing sporting events, and that’s cool I guess.

As for the drinks, I asked for a craft beer, their selection was scant. What’s worse, it was served in a can. There are literally no beers on tap- and it costed six dollars. I just wasn’t impressed.

They do offer a full menu. We didn’t try the food, and I don’t know what their kitchen hours are. But if it’s any indicator, seeing how it was still relatively early, no one was eating. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, looking up their hours online after my visit. There’s definitely a full menu, but no hours posted. So, I left scratching my head, and as I write this, that reflexive notion is still nagging me.

I just felt, and my instincts tell me I’m almost certainly right, the owners are definitely leaning on the bar’s location. And with glass garage doors that open to an expansive patio, a patio with an upclose view of Lambeau field, I’m sure I’m right. Couple that with literally being right beside the Resch Center, and this is a bar very dependent on Stadium District events. I’m sure they’ll make money and prosper, I just wouldn’t go out of the way to visit the place.

Safe Travels!

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