Five Excellent Spots for Beer in Titletown

Man, when you say Wisconsin, many images burst into my brain. However, being that I could write a book on everything Badger Land, I’m just going to pick one subject-that being a prominent product of this great state…beer. Wisconsin has been a brewing hotspot for awhile, starting sometime around the mid 19th century. And in order for residents and visitors to support our remaining Wisconsin brewers, we need a fun locale to get together and enjoy beer, someplace where the service is fast and friendly. So, being that I’m from Green Bay, and Green Bay sees tourists aplenty, I’ll feature a couple of fun bars in and around the town.

Mr.Brew’s Taphouse

If you’re looking for a uniquely savory burger, and a good beer to wash it down, (who isn’t?) this is the perfect establishment. Here, in this small gastropub fixed within a strip mall, you’ll be treated to an eclectic variety of beers. Mostly, the labels hail from microbrews, but, of their fifty taps to choose from, domestics and imports also find their way on this extensive beer list. Couple that with gourmet burgers, ones that come from very creative cooks, and this place will leave your belly warm and heavy!

Player 2 Arcade Bar

Okay, I haven’t seen Dave and Busters yet. But, if you’re looking for a two story bar, one that will satiate your retro cravings, Player 2 Arcade Bar is for you. It’s set inside an old fashioned downtown building, retaining most of its old timey charm. Classy graffiti livens some walls, the art being reminiscent of the 1980’s.

Most of the vintage arcade machines are a quarter a play, which are paid for with tokens. Better yet, some games are unlimited free plays. In addition, there’s an enormous screen sporting multi-player contests. To top it off, you’ll find pinball machines galore.

Player 2 is an especially decent stop, should one be barhopping on Washington Street.

Stadium View Sports Bar

Of all the bars around Lambeau Field, I like this one best. It’s been a haunt of mine since I’ve been 25 years old. And like any long-standing bar, it has evolved with the times. Although this joint’s ‘Wisconsin sports’ theme has remained steadfast through the years, It’s probably the hippest bar in the Stadium District. Stadium View boasts a full menu and three different bars, including a balcony which overlooks distant Lambeau Field. Adding to the fun, a sound stage, countless televisions showing sporting events and the usual bar games,(you know: pool, darts….Jenga) ensure a lively night. Whether it’s game day, or just a night out with friends, Stadium View is a guaranteed winner.

Hagemeister Park’s Patio Bar

Along the Fox River’s eastern banks, you can find a man made path that follows Green Bay’s main artery. If you start along this path, known as the City Deck, and stroll from main street, you will soon happen upon an expansive alfresco dining spot. This patio, which sometimes is graced with live bands, especially on Friday nights during summer, provides an excellent view, and the food isn’t bad either. Couple that with a bar, benches where groups can simply chill, and a friendly waitstaff, and this place ranks high on my summer hangout list.

Titletown Brewing Company’s Rooftop Bar

Green Bay was built on many blue collar industries. From coopering to logging and paper milling to cheese making, the city was well established before men competed on the gridiron. So, an abandoned cannery’s top floor is a suitable drinking spot for this community.

This fun little spot has plate glass windows that provide the best view in town. In summer, they open their glass paneled garage doors and allow people to step onto their fairly sizeable patio – basking in the outdoor temps. While drinking incredible beer, one can gaze upon the city’s historic downtown, the industrial factories along the fox river, a few bridges and the green of the surrounding municipalities.

Other mentions

I’d like to wrap up by saying that’s not all. There are plenty of other great spots to have a beer. Copper State Brewing Company, Zambaldi Beer, Stillmank Brewing, Badger State…look I could go on, but I think you understand. In Green Bay, there are plenty of quality drinking establishments ready to serve you. Go with what suits your taste, and you won’t be disappointed.

Safe Travels!

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